🏍️ ☀️ Southern Africa? Don’t mind if we do…

Hello riders & readers! Well, after the recent record breaking temperatures felt across the UK, people may be excused for asking ‘Why go abroad?’

But as someone that is subscribed to our newsletter, the answer is simple. You’re not looking for lazy lounging ~ at least not all of the time ~ you’re looking for adventure! And guess what – we have that by the bucketful!

“In The Headlight”  this month we want to reveal some of the treats and travels available in: Southern Africa!

Sea to Safari

So let’s start with the tour that takes you furthest South, stretching from the Atlantic coast in the Western Cape across the continent heading East along the Indian Ocean. This route will cover some epic rides, plunging down to the beaches to rub shoulders with the penguins and the seals.

Stopping to watch the genuinely breath-taking Southern Right Whales, often with their calves basking in the shallows (they even do the fountain squirty thing!) but this is only the beginning of some of the wildlife you can expect to see as the roads take you upwards and onwards, with 360 degree views as the road winds across the hilltops. This tour may start at Table Mountain but it definitely isn’t downhill from there.

Come on, who doesn’t want to ride deep into the wilderness, tour the World famous Garden Route of the Southern Cape and camp out in a luxury tent with air conditioning (we know… good news in the semi desert!) and get up close & personal with giraffe, wild buffalo, antelope and of course the World’s largest bird; the ostrich! Our Sea to Safari Tour does exactly as it says on the tin, and more…

Tour availability at time of going to press:
– October 24, 2022
– October 31, 2022 
(5 spaces left)
– March 20, 2023
– March 27, 2023
– November 13, 2023
– November 20, 2023
Cape Crusader

Now we have your attention (and maybe you have a few extra days’ annual leave left), then next on the menu is perhaps a slightly more challenging experience. If you can tear yourself away from the whales, this tour will take you North into the Cederberg wilderness, across some beautiful and eerie landscapes. You can expect some incredible adventure riding: desert ~ yes, dirt roads ~ yes, stunning scenery ~ yes, 50 km trail on the way to “The Hell” in Swartberg Mountains ~ yes oh yes!

But there are some luxury hotels and luxurious game lodges to make the night almost as great as the days. And yes, you will get to safari on this tour too! So if this sounds right up your gravel path, then the Cape Crusader is the one for you.

Tour availability at time of going to press:
– November 6, 2022
– November 17, 2022 
(4 spaces left)
– November 20, 2022
– December 1, 2022
– April 3, 2023
– April 14, 2023
– October 16, 2023
– October 27, 2023
– October 30, 2023
– November 10, 2023
Victoria Falls – Cape Town

But hey maybe you’ve done the ten day holiday thing before and re after a proper expedition – say 18 days? No problem, we’ve got it covered. Victoria Falls to Cape Town; that’s Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This trip starts at “The Smoke That Thunders” the mighty Victoria Falls. Using some of the best gravel routes in the World, this tour will take you through vast desert landscapes and show you skies filled with so many stars it is almost unbelievable. You can see an array of Wild Big Game simply from the back of the bike as well as spot elephants wandering freely in the grounds of your lodge! The route eventually takes you through the vast land scapes of Namibia all the way down to South Africa, until we reach our final destination of Cape Town.

Tour availability at time of going to press:
– October 1, 2022
– October 18, 2022
(3 spaces left)
– May 20, 2023
– June 6, 2023
– October 2, 2023
– October 19, 2023
“Toby and Anna are the masters of making sure everyone gets value for their money, with unique character filled overnight stays, yarns around the campfire, great home cooking and amazing tar/dirt roads for those who like to be challenged. Nothing was too much trouble for them and I would love to do another ride with them again one day!​”
– Deb Reardon, NZ (Cape Crusader)
So there you have it, a whistle stop tour of some of the Southern African tours and the variety of rides and experiences they afford. Surely something here to float your boat!

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