Born in 2012, Ride Expeditions is a British owned company that has always operated with the standard of ‘combining expert local knowledge with high western standards‘. It is this winning combination that has resulted in our success of running the ultimate motorcycle adventure tours.

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As the driving force behind Ride Expeditions, Toby is relentless in his determination to offer great tours to riders from across the globe. Starting his business after extended travels around the world that saw him doing everything from hiking in the Amazon to building houses for poor communities in Vietnam, his enthusiasm for motorcycling has carried the business forward.

With tours now in India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and with hundreds of customers each year, Toby’s focus on great customer service and faultless organisation has allowed Ride Expeditions to become arguably the best motorcycle tour company in South Asia. And he’s done all of this with only one set of riding kit and an uncanny resemblance to Chad Kroger from Nickelback – what a guy!



They say behind every successful man there is a woman and Anna is very much that woman – the company simply wouldn’t have been able to grow without Anna’s effortless organisation of all the hidden logistics and tour administration that Toby can’t do if he’s belting around Asia on a motorcycle!

Anna has been there from the start having met Toby at University and together they have built the company from humble beginnings in Cambodia. Anna sorts the licences, permits, insurance – in fact all the finer details that make our tours run so smoothly. And that’s a good thing because without this filling her day, her penchant for saving stray animals would easily see her become a crazy cat woman within a few months.




Vut is our number one man taking charge of leading all the Ride Expeditions tours in Cambodia (and sometimes Laos). He’s a scarily talented supercross and enduro rider and when not out on tour is busy beating the opposition in local and national races. But if there’s one thing our customers will know him best for it’s his war cry of ‘Helmets on Gentlemen’! Like his sweep rider Lux, Vut is annoyingly good on the trails, standing and carving beautiful lines without batting an eyelid – copy Vut and you’ll do just fine.



Lux is another one of the regular faces on our dirt bike tours in southern Asia, his calm and irritatingly smooth riding style a reminder to Julian of how good he could look if he had a tad more skill. Lux is based in the bustling city of Phnom Penh and when not riding, helps out on the maintenance and preparation of the Ride Expeditions fleet, from fettling WR450’s to slimming down and upgrading our KLX250s to become the distinctly more exciting KLX300s. His prowess in mending punctures is legendary, sometimes firing off five repairs in an hour during the apparently regular Cambodia nail spreading season. Lux doesn’t say much, but with skills like his, he doesn’t need to.



After the Dali Lama, Anu is probably the calmest and most chilled man in Asia, and takes care of all the bike logistics for our epic Himalayan tours. After a short stint at 13 guarding apple orchards from pesky monkeys, Anu has worked on Enfields his whole life and there’s nothing he doesn’t know about classic machines. He opened his first motorcycle rental and mechanic business in Northern India at age 20, having borrowed money from the local bank manager who he assured he needed it to build a house! He now oversees the fleet of bikes and leads the tours with effortless riding, gentle charm and endless professionalism.



Topy is one of our regular tour staff on our Himalayan expeditions, accompanying the hordes of riders on their way to the highest passes in the world and beyond. A native of Manali in the North of India, Topy’s abilities on a motorcycle, particularly on a Royal Enfield, have to be seen to be believed. While we struggle over rocks in fully protective motorcycle gear, Topy is likely to pass by in a T-shirt and sandals with his trademark smile and cheery wave. As an experienced mechanic with the trusty Enfields, Topy can also fix anything from a broken headlight to a wobbly wheel bearing before you’ve finished your biscuit. A useful guy to have on the team – you bet.



If you have met Nono you won’t forget him. As the baby of the team, Nono joined us from the 2017 season in the holidays outside his computer programming course at University, and his wide smile and irrepressible happiness made him an instant hit on the tours. Although in his early twenties, Nono rides a bike like a veteran, tackling whatever the Himalayas can throw at him with a casual confidence and almost infuriating ease. When not on the Royal Enfields, Nono can be found on his beloved KTM and taking selfies that highlight his Bollywood good looks and rugged cheekbones.



TK is our man in Laos. Stationed in the rather beautiful capital city of Vientiane, TK is possibly one of the best and most enthusiastic promoters of his beautiful country and having ridden there you’ll know just exactly why. A confirmed off-road rider, TK loves his Hondas, from his near immaculate XR250 to the fleet of ultra-reliable and endlessly capable CRF250Ls that we use on our cross-border adventure from Laos and on to Vietnam. TK’s friendly and gregarious nature does mean that wherever we stop he seems to instantly strike up a rapport with everyone he meets as if he’s known them for years. And as for his knowledge of the trails in Laos – there’s no one better.



Duc Phu might sound like something you might order while on one of our tours, but rather than a tasty snack Phu is our fearless guide on our Vietnamese adventures. Sat aboard his diminutive Honda 230, Phu is unexpectedly swift on the trails, slicing his way past paddy fields and across rickety bridges without stopping for breath, motoring his way across the country without maps, GPS or anything other than an encyclopaedic knowledge of the trails in the region. Mrs Phu also gives him a shopping list for each tour, so don’t be surprised if he stops to purchase everything from black garlic to livestock – legend!




As the man behind the incredibly successful and popular blog section of the Ride Expeditions website, Julian’s musings on all things bike based are informing and helping riders from California to Canberra on a daily basis. A motorcycle journalist for just short of fifteen years, Julian’s riding has taken him all over the world, from testing Yamahas in Corsica, racing Husqvarnas in Temecula and touring KTM’s in Morocco. He’s ridden many of the recce tours and customer tours with Ride Expeditions, his experiences featuring in magazines across the world. Aside from blogging, copywriting and filling the Ride Expeditions Facebook feed daily, Julian’s life is all about riding and tinkering with any of his five bikes, except of course when he’s collecting vintage clocks and watches. OCD – we’re saying nothing.



Devon is very much the new boy to the team having recently joined Ride Expeditions in the new Cape Town office. Despite being named after a particularly beautiful English county, Devon is neither English or indeed that beautiful, but his experience in web marketing and all things internet based is being put to good effect in spreading the gospel according to Ride Expeditions. As a Capetonian his knowledge of the area is proving invaluable to Toby and the team at their Cape Town base, although sadly his skills have fallen short of ending the current drought.



The only four-legged member of the team, Roscoe the Staffy came with an impressive CV and a string of glowing references. On later inspection, his claims of top notch admin skills and the ability to do shorthand have proved entirely false, his forte appearing to be far more in chewing things, barking unexpectedly and leaving eye-watering clouds in the office. Luckily, thanks to both a loveable face and making firm friends with indiscriminate animal lover Anna, his four paws are firmly under the table. If you visit our HQ in Cape Town, bring snossages and he’ll be your friend forever.

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