Hope all is well in your world? From our side we’ve been busy bees, running rides from South Africa to South America.On a less exotic side of things, some of the UK team have been hanging out in a field in Warwickshire. As you do…
ABR Festival 2022 has to have been the biggest and best yet and Anna, Toby and Greasby (not to mention the dog, Ziggy) were manning the Ride Expeditions stand in this magnificent setting – in our case overlooking the beautiful lake and only a 15mm spanner’s throw away from the fire pit next to the Hobgoblin bar (it had a name but we can’t remember)… 
Well we say Greasby helped man the stand – quickly releasing that if he volunteered to martial the adventure trail he would be able to ride his bike over the weekend he promptly disappeared never to be seen again until the end of the festival, covered in mud and grinning from ear to ear. 
Thursday was the VIP opening day and the floodgates opened at 4 o’clock that afternoon, to those lucky enough to have booked the extra night. Maybe to get their tents up early, maybe to see Dr Feelgood? Or maybe just to come and see us? It was lovely to see everyone over the whole event, including a great number of our past riders (you know who you are!), and it feels like we’ve made some new friends too.
Did you enter our free prize draw at ABRFest? We’ll be announcing the winner of the Himalayan Escape tour prize soon, so keep an eye on your Inbox. Talking of which, (see what we did there?) the Himalayan season is coming and we are soooo looking forward to going out after 2 long years – we can’t wait and neither can the local team! 
Although our Himalayan tours all sold out this year due to a few last minute transfers and what not a few spots have opened up. So if you have really itchy feet right now, there are also just a few seats left on the following.

 Himalayan Escape
05/08/2022 – 12/08/2022
3 spots available
Himalayan Heights
15/08/2022 – 27/08/2022
2 spots available
01/09/2022 – 13/09/2022
2 spots available

But back to ABR Bike Fest: we hope everyone who attended had as good a time as we did – great music, fantastic facilities, beer, thousands of bikes, beer, meeting riders old and new, and of course – beer. Toby even got the chance to sneak out of the tent for a go on the adventure trail on his KTM, managing an impressive 5 full minutes before getting told off by the ever weary Julian Challis for riding too fast.

It was a seamless event (if you ignore our Gazebo blowing over and hundreds of freebie stickers stuck in Toby’s luggage somewhere between Cape Town and Ragley) and we really look forward to being there next year. (especially Ziggy who seemed to acquire his own very loving fanbase across the entire site).
So thanks to everyone who pitched in, everyone who dropped by and to all the girls & boys who worked so hard across the event, to help give everyone such an amazing time. If we don’t see you on tour then we hope to see you there 2023!!


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