British MX riders caught up in knife drama

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OK so we all know that motocross is pretty dangerous, but it turns out that staying in a German hotel is actually more risky!

Czech GP, Husqvarna team - Max Anstie

After racing in the recent Czech GP, Husqvarna team mates Max Anstie ( above) and Conrad Mewse were involved in a horrific scene that could have come straight from a Hollywood movie. But this was real life and the blood wasn’t fake!

According to a report in British motocross magazine Moto, the pair left the MXGP at Loket in Czechoslovakia with Max’s girlfriend and drove to the German city of Frankfurt where they had booked a hotel. Arriving at the destination, the young Britons were faced with everything you don’t need when checking in after a hard days riding!

“Crazy night last night” said Anstie, in what was a mastery of understatement. “After the race we drove 4 hours to Frankfurt and arrived at our hotel just before midnight. As we got out of my van to unload our bags, a guy runs past us, about fifty metres behind him a guy is trying to run behind him shouting but he’s holding his chest where he has been stabbed. There’s blood everywhere!

“We looked at each other and said ‘Fu*k this place’ launched our bags back in the van and  pulled away. By the time we got to the end of the road the guy was laid out on the floor in cardiac arrest,and the police were there!”

Frankfurt skyline at sunset

But if the three thought that was the end of it, they were seriously wrong …

“Then right in front of us a guy jumps out of the car in front with a gun and runs flat out into the train station “ said Anstie. “I hit the throttle and went flat out all the way back to Lommel . Seriously what’s the world coming to!”

After their ordeal, Anstie and Mewse (below)  have a few days to recover and calm down before the next race. Who knew that GP racing was actually a far safer bet than a weekend break!

Mewse at the Czech GP riding a Husqvarna

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