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Buying new MX boots? Aplinestars Tech 8 vs Gaerne SG10

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Alpinestar Tech 8 Motocross BootsThinking of investing in a new pair of motocross boots? Having trouble deciding which to go for – Tech 8s or SG10s? Obviously trying them on in the shop will help but for a little more info on durability and comfort etc. read on… Having owned both of these models I’m going to give my opinion on the Alpinestar Tech 8 Vs Gaerne SG10 MX boot debate.

So I’ll start off discussing the Alpinestar Tech 8s. I owned a pair of these, in a time of my life I like to call ‘pre-Gaerne’, and I did really like them.  I bought them because a lot of the pro’s wear Tech 8s and I thought they must know best – pro’s have got be right, right? I tried them on in the shop and they weren’t too heavy and fitted really well. The bootys inside are supportive and make the boot a lot more comfortable, which is obviously extremely important in my line of work. I can’t comment on how long the soles would last for boots being worn for Motocross (with your sharp tooth pegs), as I solely (excuse the pun) used mine mainly off-road tours across Cambodia. Mine lasted for 3 seasons until the soles wore away and they started to feel a bit ropy… to be honest, I think I could’ve easily got another season out of them. They breathe well which meant I could wear them for long days on the bike without getting swamp foot. Also I think they look pretty cool.

OK now for the downsides: when putting your boots on/taking them off, the bootys are a bit of a pain. They aren’t great for walking around in and the upper and lower of the 4 buckles face forwards which can cause snagging on branches etc. The buckles can also be quite unreliable when they get full of dirt.

And now for my unbiased opinion of the awesome Gaerne SG10s! Where do I start? There’s incredibly quick to wear in and you can wear them straight out of the box and they won’t be uncomfy. The buckles are easier to close than any other boots I’ve worn (although we do own a few pairs of Sidi Crossfires and I think the buckles on those look brilliant – unfortunately they’re not in my size so I’ve been unable to try them out!) and they are extremely durable too. After wearing mine for around 300 hours of riding they were in great condition except for the stitching holding the plastic panels in the foot area were starting to come apart. The ankle padding is nice and there is a hinge part which I love that allows the ankle to flex up and down but never side to side. I wear these for hours at a time and they are easy to walk around in off the bike. They are a bit heavier than Tech 8s but they are so comfy you don’t really notice. The shifting also has a better feel and rear braking is more controllable.

Gaerne SG10-motorcycle adventure bootsThe only negative comments I would make is that the sizes do run big, so I had to get a size smaller than I usually do. They aren’t cheap but when it comes to boots and protecting your ankles, who wants cheap? Considering the quality and how long they last SG10s are really more of an investment and will save you money in the long run. If they had a steel shank then they really would be perfect.

So, Alpinestar Tech Vs Gaerne SG10 MX boot – which is best? Obviously everyone has their own tastes when it comes to boots. If you prefer inner bootys then you may well prefer the Tech 8s. If you have bigger calves maybe the Gaernes are for you (Alpinestars tend to be cut narrower than Gaerne). Both are awesome boots, but personally since the day I first slipped on a pair of SG10s I have never looked back. But as they say ‘the choice is yours’…..



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