Our Cambodian tours are getting a facelift!

Cambodia is where Ride Expeditions was born back in 2012. In fact, we started out as ‘Ride Cambodia’. My wife and I lived in Cambodia for the best part of 4 years while we were getting the company off of the ground and, needless to say, we just love the place! And we know it very very well.

Cambodia is however a fast developing country and our tours there have required constant maintenance over the years as we’ve had to find new trails and routes to steer clear of the paved roads and growing towns. But we noticed the biggest changes after returning to the country earlier this year after the two year covid break. Our beloved ‘Smugglers Trail’ is now a dirt road, some of the wide rocky river crossings now have bridges and some of the quaint villages are no longer ‘hidden gems’ due to the fact they now have a tarmac road passing through them.

While this development is excellent for the people of Cambodia, it means we must again update our routes. And we have made the decision to not just make a few changes, but instead to build completely new itineraries that venture into the most remote parts of the country that we have never toured through before…

Due to these changes, we made the difficult decision to postpone all Cambodia trips until we have updated the itineraries. Our tagline ‘The World’s Greatest Motorcycle Adventures’ is something we’re very passionate about… In short, if we do not truly believe that a particular tour is worthy of this title, we will not run it. And without making these changes in Cambodia, we feel the trips will be falling just short.


So, myself and our Cambodian business partner, Vut, will be saddling up to explore the new routes and build some epic new experiences. We want to get back to ‘the real Cambodia’, venture far off of the beaten track and create the most adventurous dirt bike trips that are possible within the country.

For this mission, Vut and I are sacrificing Christmas and NYE with our families to spend this time riding together in the mountains. And we can’t wait.

So, what can you expect from the new routes? Well, our three priorities are: the ‘real Cambodia’, epic riding and adventure. River crossings, quirky bridges, quirkier boats, remote dusty villages, beautiful scenery, singletrack trails, jungle tracks, rocky hill climbs, authentic homestays, remote camping, lost temples, friendly locals… This is the stuff we love about Cambodia, and we’re determined to mould our new trips around all of these priorities!

Join us in January 2023 to be the first to sample the fruits of our labour. You can book onto either of the existing tours in the calendar, but just be aware that the itineraries are going to be very different! Should you wish to discuss any of this further, drop Anna an email and we’ll get straight back to you.

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