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An incredibly beautiful, fun and cultural motorcycle tour across Cambodia’s mighty Cardamom Mountain range.

Starting off in the picturesque town of Siem Reap you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient temples of Angkor before saddling up for what will be one hell of an adventure!

With exciting off-road riding to satisfy both novice and expert dirt-riders, we have options for some difficult riding in the rocky sections, or for those who want to take it a little easier we can stick to cruising the winding dirt roads through the hills. Temples, rocky hill climbs, river crossings, spectacular views, rural homestays and of course, the beach…

This ride packs an immense variety of experiences into a one week trip!

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Tour Key Points

  • Skill Level Required - Novice or above
  • Tour Type - Off-road
  • Distance - 850km
  • Duration - 7 Days (5 riding days + 2 non-riding days)
  • Tour Price - £1715
  • Start City - Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • End City - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Tour Dates & Prices


Tour Key Info

  • The motorcycles: The highly capable Kawasaki KLX300 is the standard inclusion. For the more experienced rider we have the Yamaha WR450F as an upgrade option. All bikes are 2013+ fuel injection models with appropriate modifications.
  • Medical support: A western medic will be riding with the group. He carries an extensive trauma kit with him on the bike and has a larger medical kit in the support vehicle.
  • Support crew: professional local guides/mechanics and a support vehicle to carry your luggage, spare parts and a spare motorcycle.
  • Duration: 7 days total including welcome day & 1 non-riding day.
  • Terrain: Mostly off-road with a huge variety of riding terrain available, from tight jungle singletrack to fast open sandy tracks.
  • Average daily ride hours: 5 – 8 with plenty of drink / photo stops.
  • Suitable for pillion riders? No.


  • Visit the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit the old French colonial town of Battambang.
  • Experience some epic trail riding through the Cardamom mountains.
  • Fast paced dirt roads, muddy sections in ‘sticky land’, steep rocky hills, river crossings and winding dirt roads.
  • Lots of quirky bridges and river crossings on the old ‘Smugglers Trail’.
  • Take a boat ride up a beautiful river for a massive BBQ and a spot of fishing.
  • Knock back a few sunset beers after a long days ride in the beach town of Sihanoukville.


cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (1)You’ll be greeted by your tour leader in the morning. He will have arranged for a local guide to take you around the ancient temples of Angkor. You’ll visit ‘Angkor Wat’, ‘Bayon’ and ‘Ta Prohm’ – if this is your first visit to Cambodia, these ancient sites will blow your mind!

Later that afternoon you will be given a full tour briefing at the hotel, where you will meet the rest of the support team and your trusty steeds that will now be neatly lined up outside the front of your hotel.

In the evening we will all enjoy a welcome dinner where you will all get to know each better over a traditional Khmer dinner.

Accommodation: 5* hotel.

Included meals: Lunch, dinner.

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (3)Leaving the city behind, we’ll head west towards the Thai border. We’ll ride a variety of dirt roads, tarmac and winding trails as we ride alongside rivers and through tiny Cambodia villages. We’ll meet with our support vehicle for a western style picnic lunch before cutting the corner of the Tonle Sap lake and continuing to the old French colonial town of Battambang. You may even have the chance to sample some of the local rice paddy rats at one of the roadside BBQs! Mmmmm – tasty barbequed rat –  tastes just like chicken, of course …

Accommodation: Hotel with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (5)We’ve got some awesome trail riding today, from fast paced dirt roads, muddy sections in ‘sticky land’, steep rocky hills, river crossings and winding dirt roads that climb up in the Cardamom Mountains providing breathtaking views across the hills.

We stay in the tiny mountain town  of Pramaouy. Dinner will be a massive BBQ feast at the guesthouse – but first, why not pop next door for a couple of cold beers and a spot of volleyball with the locals?

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (6)The day kicks off with a stunning dirt road that winds up and down through the hills, and a water crossing on tiny wooden rafts. Then, into the jungle! Tight singletrack, creek crossings, rocky hills and possibly fallen trees to duck under / carry over. Our support vehicle will be waiting at the end of the trail with some much needed refreshments!

After lunch we will pay a quick visit to a waterfall before cruising down and out of the mountains on a mix of exhilarating dirt and concrete roads.

Tonight’s destination is Koh Kong – a riverside town close to the Thai border. We’ll enjoy dinner at a restaurant on the river.

Accommodation: Riverside hotel with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (12)A non-riding day gives your muscles the chance to recover before the next leg of the journey. We’ll have a private boat pick us up from our hotel and cruise us up the beautiful river. Your local guide will prepare a huge BBQ lunch on the rocks as you do a spot of fishing or swim in the clear waters. We’ll also take a couple of kayaks with us, should you want to go for a paddle.

You’ll arrive back at your hotel late afternoon. The evening is spent at your leisure.

Accommodation: Riverside hotel with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch.

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (17)Today we have a difficult option and an easy option. The harder route tackles the old ‘Smugglers Trail’. Steep and technical rocky hills, lots of quirky bridges, river crossings, bamboo jungle and some really fun single track trails – perfect. The easy route sticks to the beautiful smooth roads that wind through the mountains, visiting the impressive Tatai waterfall along the way. Late afternoon we will take cold beers down to the river / rapids for a swim.

Accommodation: Homestay style guesthouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

cardamom-mountain-explorer-motorcycle-tour-cambodia (20)We’ll cross the river out of Chiphat on small wooden boats in the morning and ride the dirt roads through the hills of sugarcane. We then have some fun open sandy trails that lead into the jungle. We will have lunch at ‘Kbal Chay’ waterfall before continuing on jungle trails through to Sihanoukville where we’ll finish the tour with celebratory sunset beers on the beach!

Enjoy a farewell dinner at an excellent Khmer restaurant.

Accommodation: Hotel with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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Newsletter Terms & Conditions

Why Choose Ride Expeditions

Ride Expeditions is a British owned company that has always operated with the standard of ‘combining expert local knowledge with high western standards‘. It is this winning combination that has resulted in our success of running the ultimate motorcycle adventure tours.

As a UK Ltd company we have been able to affiliate ourselves with the PTS (Protected Trust Services), giving you the consumer 100% financial security when booking a tour through Ride Expeditions Ltd UK.

Tour Inclusions

  • Kawasaki KLX300
  • 3rd party motorcycle insurance​
  • Western medic riding with the group
  • Global Rescue cover for all riding days
  • 4×4 support vehicle + spare motorcycle
  • Professional local guide / mechanic(s)
  • Quality twin-share accommodation as per itinerary
  • All fuel
  • All meals as per itinerary
  • Ride Expeditions personalised travel app for android and IOS
  • Ride Expeditions jersey with your name on it!
  • Welcome pack
  • Airport pickup in a Tuk Tuk
  • Entrance fees / crossings etc.
  • Welcome day tour of the Angkor temples
  • We donate a percentage of tour profits to a local charity / school​
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf

Tour Exclusions

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Motorcycle damages - werequire a £500 security to be 'held' on your card. Alternatively, we can offer our own damage insurance - see 'Optional Extras' below.
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary
  • Alcohol
  • Other personal expenses
  • Emergency transportation

Optional Extras

  • Change to Yamaha WRF450 + £240
  • Single room accommodation + £135
  • Protective riding gear + £115
  • Motorcycle damage insurance + £115 for KLX, £132 for WRF

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Rider Testimonials

Tim B reviewed:

A once in a lifetime experience

“Our groups aim was to experience the people and culture of Cambodia whilst touring the country on dirt bikes. The Ride Expeditions Team gave us an experience we will never forget. Our Lead rider VUT knew Cambodia like the back of his hand and we were fortunate to have him lead us on the adventure of a lifetime. The support team worked flawlessly to deal with any issues and create a seamless experience for our group. Our group consisted of riders of all levels from beginners to advanced and the Ride Expeditions Team catered for all riders. A once in a lifetime experience and Highly Recommended.”

Jeremy P reviewed:

Brilliant, keen for another

“The reviews aren’t fake! I rode the cardamom mountain explorer while my better half was on a tour bus. We went every where the tour buses couldn’t go. I feel that we saw a good amount of the real Cambodia that most westerners won’t ever see.

Toby the guide/owner is a brilliant bloke and has setup a great company. Everything was well organised. Breakdowns/flatties were managed like clockwork. Great team, great company. I’m interested in doing another!!!”

Andrew W reviewed:

Cardamom mountain tour

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of my experience with Ride Expeditions. Anna is fantastic and was always happy to answer my many questions and was very informative in every aspect. Toby and the team on the ride were fantastic too and we were all well looked after and Toby’s attention to detail to make sure you have the time of your life is awesome. This ride wasn’t just a tour it was an adventure and I would recommend doing it. I thank Anna, Toby and team for us to be able to have such a great experience in such an amazing country!”

Cartwright K V reviewed:

One of the best rides I have ever done

“I did the mountain explorer tour an it was one hell of an experience bikes rode with barely a fault the tour guide was awesome catering to all our needs an expectations an capabilities would highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves to ride dirt bikes an is up for a challenge”

Cardamom Mountain EXPLORER FAQ

Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Cambodia Cardamom Mountain Explorer Tour. For all other FAQs related to payments and our company in general, please visit the General FAQs Page

Q: Do I need a motorcycle license for riding in Cambodia?
A: Yes, absolutely.   Do not believe any tour company that tells you that the riding is off-road, so a license is not required – this is simply not true – to reach any of the off-road trails we will have to ride on public roads where licenses are required. It’s not just the legal aspect that concerns,   it’s your travel insurance. Without an appropriate motorcycle license, you will not be able to obtain travel insurance that covers you for riding motorcycles above 250cc, period. This puts your safety hugely at risk… if you are laying on the ground with a broken leg, we will call in a helicopter, but if you do not have travel insurance, the helicopter will not start it’s engine. 

Need we say more? You need a license!

Q: Does it have to be an international permit?
A: Yes, you need a licence from your country of residence and an IDP – these are cheap, quick and easy to obtain,  and contrary  information spread across the web, these ARE accepted in Cambodia. Again, most travel insurance companies will not cover you without this as you’ll technically be riding illegally in Cambodia.

Q: What happens if I damage the motorcycle?
A: Apart from the usual wear and tear, you are liable for any damage caused . We have two options for you: 1. For an extra £115 for the Kawasaki KLX300  or £132 fr the Yamaha WRF450 we offer a damage protection plan – any damage caused to the motorcycle is then covered by us , with the exception of falling off due to a failed wheelie attempt or drowning the bike in a river!; 2. We will ‘hold’ £500 on your debit/credit card as a security against motorcycle damage – this will money will not leave your bank account unless you damage the motorcycle. If you do damage the bike, we will be as fair as we possibly can – we never intend to profit from damage charges.

Q:: What currency should I bring with me?

A: The official local currency of Cambodia is ‘Riel’, however you do not need to acquire any of this prior to your arrival. Bring US dollars with you. US dollars are used across the entire country and you will naturally acquire a pocket full of Cambodian Riel as you go.

Q: Do I need a visa for Cambodia?
A: Yes. Whilst you can obtain a 30 day tourist visa upon at arrival, we strongly suggest you obtain an e-visa prior to your arrival. The process is simple and visas are usually granted within a few days, but here’s the best part… when you land in Cambodia, you’ll be able to smugly walk past the long queues of tourists applying for their visas upon arrival!

Q: Where do I fly into?
A: Cambodia has two international airports… one in Siem Reap and another in Phnom Penh. For this trip, you would ideally fly into Siem Reap and out of Phnom Penh , a 3-4 hour taxi ride from the final destination of Sihanoukville. If you would prefer to book a return flight to Siem Reap, you can fly back to Siem Reap at the end of the trip from Sihanoukville’s domestic airport.

Q: How do I carry my main luggage?
A: All of our tours are supported by a well-equipped support vehicle… this will carry your luggage, spare parts, a spare motorcycle and a box of cold drinks. The support truck will meet with us throughout the day to provide refreshments and a freshly prepared lunch. We always keep some seats free of clutter, so there is space for you to sit if you’re injured, sick or just tired!

Q: How big is the group?
A: Average group sizes are 6-9 riders. In Cambodia, we ride with a maximum group size of 15 riders.

Q: Do we always ride as a group?

A: We try to stay as a group, but if some riders want an easier ride we can split the group to ride different trails.

Q: Will we have a local guide?
A: Yes. All of our tours are accompanied by at least one local guide / fixer.

Q: Will a mechanic be riding with us?
A: Yes, of course. At least one mechanic will ride at the back of the group. A second mechanic will accompany the larger groups.

Q: Is there any medical support?
A: Yes. This tour is accompanied by a western qualified medic who will be riding with the group and carrying a substantial med-kit, satellite phone and GPS tracker.

Q: What is Global Rescue?

A: Global Rescue is the world’s leading medical & evacuation provider. Global Rescue membership is included in this tour package and will cover you for all riding days. In the event of an emergency, our medic / office will liaise with Global Rescue, ensuring that the best help is on it’s way to you as fast as possible.

Q: What happens in case of an emergency?
A: Our medic will choose the best course of action depending on the situation. He will have a medical kit with him and he can use our satellite phone to contact Global Rescue / our support vehicle / our office. We will assist from our office – we can see your location from the GPS tracker and we’ll have the details of your travel insurance company. Where safety is concerned, rest assured, you’re riding with one of the most prepared motorcycle tour operators in the world.

Q: What riding kit should I wear?
A: As a minimum you should be wearing a motocross/enduro/adventure style helmet with goggles, knee & elbow pads, gloves and a sturdy pair of motocross/enduro/adventure style boots, riding pants and a lightweight jersey – we provide you a Ride Expeditions jersey with your name printed on the back. Chest/back protection and a neck brace is also highly advisable.

Q: I don’t have my own riding gear – do you have any I could rent?
A: Yes, we do have high quality gear that is available for rent… the price is $250 for all gear , although we can of course provide individual items of kit at a lower price, so that’s helmet, boots, jersey, pants, knee/elbow pads, chest protection, goggles, gloves. However, to ensure maximum comfort we would always advise that your bring your own kit if possible.

Q: Can my family see where I am?
A: Yes. The tour will be accompanied by one of our GPS trackers that tracks our location throughout the trip. We will send you a link to the online map and you can share this with friends / family.

Q: Do I need any immunisations for Cambodia?
A: Yes. For obvious reasons  – we’re not doctors! We do not like to advise on which ones you should or should not get. Please visit your local GP or Travel clinic and explain you will be visiting Cambodia and riding deep into the jungle.

Q: What about malaria?
A: Don’t be worried! Whilst it does exist in Cambodia, it is not that high risk. Again, please contact your local GP for advice

Q: You have an app???
A: Hell yea we do! Our brand new travel app  -available on Android and IOS will house all your booking details. It will help you get ready for your trip, notify you of any changes we’re making, have a breakdown of the itinerary, show you the local weather and you’re even able to keep a personal journal within the app! It’s very very useful.

Q: What is the food like?
A: Amazing! Ok, so you might eat more noodles and rice than you are used to, but the Cambodian flavours & combinations are excellent. Want to try something different… Fried tarantula?

Q: Are there ATMs on the way?
A: Yes, in all towns, but not the villages.

Q: What is the accommodation like?
A: Please see the drop down description of each days ride under the ‘itinerary’ heading. Daily accommodation is described here. We use excellent quality accommodation where available. In the smaller towns & villages we will stay in the best available accommodation – but please be aware that this can sometimes be quite basic… but that’s all part of the experience!

Q: Is Wi-Fi available throughout the tour?
A: Before we continue, let us just say that we promote bullying of those that sit on their phones too much… if you’re caught on Facebook at the dinner table, it’s an instant $5 fine that goes towards that nights drinks bill! You’re out here to have the experience of a lifetime… Facebook can wait.

Now, despite what you might expect, the internet and mobile coverage across Cambodia is excellent! There is only one overnight location on this tour where wifi might not be available… even here, our guides will have 3g coverage on their mobiles, so you can always hotspot if it’s important.

Q: Can I get a SIM card in Cambodia?
A: Yes, and we advise you do. Upon arrival at the airport in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh there are booths selling SIM cards. We recommend the Smart network. Top up $10 and be sure to ask the staff for the special promo codes. This should easily last you the entire trip. The 3G/4G network in Cambodia is very very good – you’ll be surprised!

Q: Is accommodation included on the last night of the tour?
A: Yes. Please see the drop down description of each days ride under the ‘itinerary’ heading.

Q: Is it safe to drink the tap water?
A: A big fat NO. This will ruin your trip. Drink only bottled water and be sure to check the seal and squeeze the bottle to check for leaks. We also advise that you rinse with bottled water after brushing your teeth and always clean the top of canned drinks before opening.

Q: Is the ice safe?
A: Generally, the round ice cubes with a hole in the middle are safe to have in your drinks – these are made with purified water. It is the crushed ice that can be bad, mainly due to the way it is transported and stored.

Q: Are salads safe to eat?
A: Most places will wash salad with purified water, but not all. We would advise avoiding salad in the smaller / rural restaurants that are catering to locals only.

Q: What will the weather be like?
A: Cambodia is a warm country all year round.

Cambodia’s dry season runs from November – May. The first 3-4 months of the season are less humid and generally cooler at night. April & May are very hot months and very humid.
The wet season runs from June – October. Don’t be put off though – some of the best riding is in the wet season… there is no dust, some muddy conditions are incredibly fun and the landscapes are filled with lush greenery and full rice paddies. That said, September and October are statistically the wettest months of the year – to ride out here during these months you must have a great sense of adventure as plans can change! You must also be prepared to get very very wet and possibly go swimming with the bike.

Q: Who operates this tour?
A: This tour is operated by Ride Expeditions in collaboration with our local Cambodian partner. We believe it is this winning combination of western standards and local knowledge is what has made our tours so successful.

Cambodia is where Ride Expeditions was born… we love it and we know it well!

Q: How do I book?
A: To secure your place we simply need a US £500 non-refundable deposit. The remainder does not need to be paid until 60 days prior to the tour start date.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept most major credit/debit cards. We can also accept direct bank transfers. We do not accept Paypal or American Express.

Q: Is my money safe?
A: Yes. We a member of Protected Trust Services (PTS). Whenever you book a tour with us, your money is paid into an independent trust account managed by PTS. This money is insured against the failure of our company or any of our suppliers. We couldn’t run away with your money even if we wanted to

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KAWASAKI KLX 250 / 300

We use the new fuel injected (2013+) models of the ever faithful Kawasaki KLX250, most of which we bore out to 300cc to improve performance. All of these bikes have been modified with strong handlebars, hand guards, performance exhausts and fuel controllers / ECU’s. This machine is the perfect trailbike to reliably and comfortably take you on an adventure of Cambodia.


If you are looking for a powerhouse trail bike, it doesn’t get much better than the awesome Yamaha WR450F. Equipped with an astonishingly powerful yet usable motor, the fuel-injected Yamaha has legions of fans all over the world from Brisbane to Baja. For our Cambodian tours the WRF makes light work of the sweeping dirt roads but is precise and controllable in the deep jungle trails – just right for the more experienced off-road rider.

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