Helping the Community

Right from the start, we at Ride Expeditions have always wanted to work with local charities and help the communities that we enjoy riding through. We now have a commitment to M’Lop Tapang to donate a percentage of profits from every one of our scheduled rides as well as all profits from our charity ride. Our donations go towards the training centre which teaches welding and bike mechanics to teenagers from poor & troubled backgrounds. This gives the kids a skill that they can then use to get jobs and gain a steady income in the future. Our donations are also used to help maintain the buses that transport the kids to and from school.

Ride Expeditions supporting charities

Ride Expeditions also visits remote schools during our rides. Some of these places are in dire need of funding with only one teacher to 50 kids. We find out what learning resources they need prior to our visit and donate things such as writing books and pens to the kids. A few toys and sweets brought along by our riders always go down a treat as well.

M’Lop Tapang

M’Lop Tapang was founded in 2003 with the original intention of helping to care for & feed 6 street children who were sleeping at the beach every night beneath a Tapang tree.

Since then the 6 children have grown to over 3,500 kids, with 11 centres across Sihanoukville with the sole aim of helping these kids have a better life.

These young people and their families work with M’Lop Tpang at the main centre, community shelter, the arts centre, vocational training centres, drop in centre for youths using drugs and the night shelter.

M'lop Tapang - part of ride expeditions charity tours

Of the two vocational training centres, we at Ride Expeditions donate specifically to the centre which teaches motor repair.

For our Charity Fun Ride that finishes in Sihanoukvillle we will take our riders to visit the training centre so they can meet the young men your donations are helping, as well as see where the money is being spent.


Etoo is a small village in a remote part of the Ratanakiri jungle. We earmarked this school a number of years ago when, during one of our rides in rainy season, we had to camp there for a night. The people of this village took us in, fed us a couple of their chickens and gave us somewhere to sleep.

Etoo Village - Charity motorcycle adventure

The school here receives no outside funding and the only teacher in the village works for free. We are doing everything we can to support both the teacher and the kids by providing teaching books as wells as notepads, pencils and games for the kids.

It is our hope that with the continued help of Ride Expeditions and our riders we can help ensure that the children of this village get a good eduction.

What can you do to Help?

Every rider that rides with Ride Expeditions, on any of our adventures, will be directly helping out in some way. Part of our profits from every scheduled ride are donated to M’Lop Tapang and part of our profits are also invested into schools. If you’d like to help further you can donate directly to M’Lop Tapang by following this link or, of course, join in on our Charity Fun Ride where 100% of profits made will be donated to M’Lop Tapang!

Adventure charity ride in Cambodia

Alternatively, if you are planning on riding with us on one of our adventures and you wish to bring gifts for children / schools etc. please get in touch with us and we can advise you on ways you can help effectively.

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