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World class motorcycle adventures

OK so we already run tours in India, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and now South Africa, but that doesn’t mean were stopping there. We’re constantly looking for new and exciting locations to run our tours and extend our reach even further around the world. And when we choose somewhere we move quick – the South African tour has gone from recce ride to on sale tours within an incredible six months. That’s bikes sourced, route planned, hotels booked – the whole nine yards. We don’t mess about!

So, what’s next on our wish list? Just grab an atlas and pick a continent – we’re passionate about motorcycles and will literally ride anywhere!

But to bring a touch of reality to the table, here’s the current list of locations we are actively researching with a view to running tours in the near future. It’s an exciting time for Ride Expeditions, and you can even become part of the planning process by riding the recce tour with us or coming on board for the first time we run the new tour as one of our Pioneers, both saving you substantially over the price of the regular tour once it makes it onto the calendar


South America has always been on our ‘must do’ list. The promise of epic riding and incredible landscapes in this fascinating country are too good to resist. But do we go adventure bikes or trail bikes – decisions, decisions.


With the launch of our adventure bike tour in the Western Cape, the possibilities of riding in Africa are endless. We want to get some serious trail riding tours going, and Namibia will be our first stop – it’s going to be something very special.


Riding in Morocco offers so much that we really want to get out there as quickly as we can. From the frenetic atmosphere of Marrakech to the fast flowing pistes of the Atlas Mountains and the sands of the Sahara, this is biking heaven.

New Zealand

With so many of our customers coming from NZ and the country being quite so beautiful, it would be madness not to want to tour this place on a motorcycle. With so much to explore we’re looking at adventure and trail tours.

Everest Basecamp

For many the thought of riding a bike all the way to Everest Basecamp is a true bucket list adventure and we get that – we feel the same! We’re already talking to partners in Tibet and Nepal to make this work. Watch this space – we’re going to do this.

To Go Next?

So, the list above are in progress, so let us know which one you like the most and that could push it to the top of the list – we want to ride where you want to ride.

But what if there’s somewhere we haven’t thought of yet?  Snow riding in Canada? Trail riding through Baja? Adventure riding in Australia – who knows?

Let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it – your suggestion could be on the Ride Expeditions calendar sooner than you think.

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