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Our brand new tour explores the epic Spiti Valley in India's Himalayas.

This stunning part of the world has some of the most epic roads in the world, scything through the incredible landscape of the lower Himalayas at the very roof of the world.

The Spiti Valley sits beautifully surrounded by an enormous collection of mountain ranges that cover Ladakh, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahaul and Tibet.

Travelling over some of the highest roads on the planet, our epic new tour will take in everything from riding incredible valleys where the roads and rivers often share the same routes, to the bustling streets of Manali and camping in the ancient village of Nako.

If you want a truly jaw-dropping adventure – this is the one for you.

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Tour Key Points

  • Skill level required - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Tour Type - On-road (but some very rough roads!)
  • Distance - 1100km
  • Duration - 14 days
  • Tour Price - £3,095
  • Start City - New Delhi, India
  • End City - New Delhi, India

Tour Dates & Prices


Tour Key Info

  • The motorcycles: Our new fleet of fuel injected Royal Enfield Himalayans.
  • Support crew: A local doctor / western medic. A substantial medical kit is carried in the support vehicle and there is space for people to sit / lay if they cannot ride.
  • Duration: 14 days total, including 4 non riding days and 1 rest day.
  • Terrain: All on road, but road conditions vary from smooth tarmac, to steep rocky tracks.
  • Average daily ride hours: 5 – 8 with plenty of drink / photo stops.
  • Suitable for pillion riders? No, too bouncy we're afraid!

Tour Highlights

  • Outstanding natural beauty everywhere we go.
  • The Worlds highest motorable village & post office – ride up to Komic village at 4,587m and send your family a postcard from the worlds highest post office!
  • Glamping – stay in a luxurious hillside campsite with stunning views over an ancient village.
  • Tackle rough roads that double up as rivers.
  • Hundreds of hairpin mountain turns – everyone knows they’re good fun!
  • Visit the oldest monastery in India, over 1,000 years old.
  • Visit the hot springs at Vashist.
  • Stroll the Tibetan style markets at Kaza to pick up some souvenirs.
  • Try a spot of paragliding or white water river rafting at the end of the trip (weather permitting).


himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaThe first day of our tour gets everyone together in the vast and utterly unique city of Delhi. If you’ve never been to India before, the sights and sounds from the moment you leave the airport are a true assault on the senses. It’s frantic, noisy, fragrant, colourful and chaotic all at the same time and we love it!

After checking into the hotel it’s a chance to meet your fellow riders and for your Ride Expeditions tour leader to give you a full briefing of the adventure ahead. After that we’ll head over to the cool and happening Hauz Khas district for dinner and beers at ‘The Social’ rooftop as the sun goes down. A perfect start to your trip.

Accommodation: 4* hotel.

Meals: Dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaRising early, we’ll check out of our hotel and head to the domestic airport to board our small propeller plane. A short 1 and a half hour flight will land us in the beautiful Kullu Valley.

Taxis will meet us at the airport and drive us the final 50km up the valley to our 5* hotel just outside of Manali. Welcome to the Himalayas! 

Accommodation: 5* hotel with incredible views across the valley.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaThe first riding day of the tour is an acclimatisation day for everyone. It gives you a chance to get used to your bike – a Royal Enfield Himalayan – as well as the way the traffic works in India (which may be a tad unexpected at times) and just generally finding your feet in this beautiful region. It also gives you a chance to meet the rest of the local crew who will accompany the tour – the lead and sweep riders, travelling mechanics and support vehicle drivers. Any other final requests before we leave civilisation (power adaptors, wine etc.) we will also help with!

Today isn’t about covering big distances, so we’ll take a leisurely ride down the Kullu Valley – known locally as ‘The Valley of the Gods’ – along the winding and picturesque road, before crossing the river Beas and up to Naggar Castle for Lunch.

In the afternoon, we’ll head back through Manali and up the lower reaches of the Rohtang Pass, an area that during the winter is a busy and maybe unexpected skiing resort. If you come back to ski here in the winter best bring your own kit as the hire suits are straight out of 1992!

Dinner is at the immaculate Johnson Lodge Restaurant where the House dish is the trout, fished from the very river that cuts through the town. Delicious.

Accommodation: 5* hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaToday the adventure really begins, as we load up the support vehicle/s, kit up and leave Manali to travel back south alongside the Beas River down to Kullu. After lunch just outside this bustling town we’ll leave the major roads and cut left into the stunning Banjar Valley.

The roads get rougher as the altitude increases, but the scenery is just astounding. Our first overnight stop is at the Raja guesthouse overlooking the valley below and there’ll be a cold beer and maybe some freshly cooked pakoras and bhajis waiting. After dinner on site we’ll spark a camp fire in the garden and sit under the stars – a great way to spend the rest of the evening!

Accommodation: Guesthouse overlooking the valley.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaThe first part of the day takes us over the top of the Jalori Pass and to the Buddhist temple perched high on the ridge between the two valleys. After a swift cup of sweet chai and biscuits, we drop down a fantastic and life-affirming road that twists its way down through the conifers to the mountain river below.

We follow the river down again to the main road that will take us towards Sarahan, the gateway to the Kinnaur region. The road hugs the side of the enormous cliffs, with massive overhangs and tunnels through the rock. With a deep valley to the left of the twisting road, this is one of the roads you see on YouTube and wonder whether you would ever ride such a stunning road – and now you are right there!

But don’t think that’s all from the day –  the final road up to this hilltop village is a testing one which would not be out of place on an enduro. Don’t worry –  it’s all achievable on the trusty Enfields but you’ll need to concentrate for sure.

And when you get there – what a view! We’ve driven through the cloud line and can look out over the incredible vista from the hotel terrace with a cold drink – life doesn’t get much better!

Before dinner there’s time to chill out, visit the intricately carved Bhimakali Temple, do a bit of shopping in the packed and fascinating village shops, or even go for the local barbers / head & face massage experience!

Accommodation: Hotel overlooking the valley.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaDropping back down into the valley, we follow the crashing river all the way to the vast hydroelectric damn at Karcham. Leaving the main road, we cross the river here for a truly awesome climb up the side of the valley towards our lunch stop at Sangla. After a delicious lunch of Tibetan mo-mos and noodles, we retrace our steps back down the hairpins in the afternoon, dropping down to the valley floor to follow the Sutlej River towards Kalpa. 

It’s another climb to get to the Kinner Villa Hotel but again the views are worth it. After dinner the hotel will light up the altar fire on the terrace – perfect!

Accommodation: Hotel with spectacular view across the valley.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaWith quite so much saddle time over the past four days, we reckon you’ll be ready for a rest, so we stop over for a day in Kalpa. We also need to take a trip down into the town to get our permits sorted for entering the Spiti Valley region ahead of us, so it’s a chance to shop and try out the local restaurants while we wait for the wheels of Indian bureaucracy to turn. They turn, but sometimes they turn quite slowly!

The views across the valley from the hotel are breath-taking, with the sacred peak of Kinnaur Kailash piercing the skyline at 4,650m. A walk around the hills surrounding the hotel is a rewarding way to spend your time before resuming the riding the following day.

Accommodation: is in the same hillside hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaRefreshed and bushy-tailed, we’ll be on the bikes nice and early for the next stage of our journey. Following the river for a good while, it’s through the border check for those important permits before we then start to climb, and we don’t stop until we reach a staggering 3,600m above sea level, where the air is thin and pure, providing you are not behind an Indian truck!  

The ever-present roaming cows that will have been a common part of your journey up to this point have now been replaced by wandering donkeys and goats, so it’s best to look well ahead as you take in the scenery. Our destination is the incredible village of Nako, a green jewel in a barren landscape, and a place that feels locked in another time. Narrow streets are lined with ancient houses where the livestock live below the family dwellings, and bright faced children play in the tiny lanes that dissect the village.

We’re staying in luxury tents and after dinner in the cosy clubhouse we’ll sit round the fire pit under a vast star-filled sky.

Accommodation: Luxury campsite.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalaya-villageWe guarantee you won’t want to leave this beautiful village, but as it’s not far to ride until our next stop we’ll allow a bit more time in the morning for more exploring and photographs.

Once back on the bikes, the road climbs for an hour or so before plummeting down a set of around fifty hairpin bends to the valley floor again.

With beehives lining both sides of the roads we head west through more epic scenery heading for a lunch stop at Tabo. The village has the oldest recorded monastery in India at over 1000 years old, and it’s an incredible building that you will want to visit.

We follow the river as it opens to an enormous wide flood plain, the water nearly half a mile wide at times. We’re heading for Kaza at 3700m, another village that gets snowed under in the winter. Our hotel overlooks the busy village around a peaceful garden, so it’s time to relax as we stay here for two nights.

The main street is just below the hotel so there’s a chance to buy some essentials, souvenirs and maybe get those bike boots polished for 150 rupees – bargain!

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalaya-highest-village-worldWhile not quite a rest day, it’s a relaxed schedule today. After breakfast and a bit of chill time we’ll fire up the bikes at around eleven o’clock.

The route is a loop up to Komic – the highest motorable village in the world, and a chance to post a letter from the highest Post Office too. The climb is incredible as we scythe up the valley walls before the terrain opens up to high plains scattered with tiny houses with their traditional buckthorn stacked roofs. The area is also littered with fantastic fossils, so don’t be surprised if the enterprising children are ready to sell you souvenirs! For a few rupees and those winning smiles – it’s hard to resist.

We’ll lunch at Komic, officially the highest motorable village on the planet and then drop down again taking a different route that will take us past a huge Buddha statue that overlooks the valley. Selfie Time obviously…

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalaya-buddhaWithout doubt, this is the most epic day of riding you will ever have experienced. Period. We leave Kaza nice and early, cross the Spiti river and start heading west for the money shot of the trip. After passing through a tiny checkpoint, we start an incredible climb through a truly beautiful valley. As the altitude increases, the temperature drops, but the scenery keeps getting better.

At the very top of the pass there is a vast Buddhist shrine and, if we are lucky, Yaks for those selfies! The road drops swiftly down to the valley floor and a hearty lunch at a tiny stone café. But don’t be thinking the superlatives are over because in the afternoon we’ll be following an amazing route alongside the river, through water splashes, boulder fields and actual rivers are part of the road. Climbing again through a valley that could be straight out of Lord of the Rings’ Middle earth, by the time we reach the main road again eight hours after leaving Kaza, you’ll know you’ve ridden something special.

An hour or so of black top later we’ll be in Keylong for our final stop and a chance to recover!

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalayaAfter such an epic day, it’s hard to imagine more to come, but the road back to Sissu and then over the famous Rohtang Pass is pretty special. The route climbs to 4,000m over roads that vary between smooth tarmac and Dakar rally terrain as it heads to the top of the pass, with massive vultures soaring alongside.

After lunch at the top, the road slices down through the cool forests towards Manali before following the River Beas the final stretch to return us to Manali.

Now that’s an adventure!

A final farewell dinner is in order back at Johnson’s Restaurant, followed by a garden camp fire where we will share stories of the epic ride we’ve all completed.

Accommodation: 5* hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalaya-prayer-flagsWhilst you could of course fly straight back to Delhi early in the morning, we figure you’ll be much happier spending another day relaxing in this beautiful valley. Trek to the nearby waterfall, do a spot of souvenir shopping, go paragliding, white water rafting… or simply have a massage and relax on your balcony!

The perfect way to unwind before leaving the Himalayas and heading back home!

Accommodation 5* hotel.

Meals: Breakfast.

himalayan-extreme-motorcycle-tour-ride-expeditions-himalaya-taj-mahalAn early morning flight will take us back to where it all began: New Delhi.

It’d be a shame for you not to visit the Taj Mahal whilst you are over here – let us know if you need any assistance and we can put you in touch with a local travel agent.

Accommodation: Not included.

Meals: None.

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Why book with Ride Expeditions

Ride Expeditions is a British owned company that has always operated with the standard of ‘combining expert local knowledge with high western standards‘. It is this winning combination that has resulted in our success of running the ultimate motorcycle adventure tours.

As a UK Ltd company we have been able to affiliate ourselves with the PTS (Protected Trust Services), giving you the consumer 100% financial security when booking a tour through Ride Expeditions Ltd UK.

Tour Inclusions

  • The latest fuel infected Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • Third-party motorcycle insurance​
  • Quality twin share accommodation as per itinerary - single room supplement + £465
  • All fuel
  • All meals as per itinerary
  • Support vehicle/s carrying your luggage, spare parts, tools etc.​
  • Western medic / local doctor
  • Global Rescue cover for all riding days​
  • Full support crew: professional local guide, mechanics on the bikes and a local doctor / western medic
  • Ride Expeditions personalised travel app for android and IOS
  • All entrance fees & special riding permits
  • 2 x domestic flights - Delhi /Manali & Manali/Delhi
  • Airport pickup
  • Welcome pack
  • We donate a percentage of tour profits to a local charity / school​
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf

Tour Exclusions

  • Personal Travel insurance
  • International flights
  • Indian visa
  • Alcohol
  • Motorcycle damages (we require a £500 security to be 'held' on your card. Alternatively, we can offer our own damage insurance for an extra £180)​

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Rider Testimonials

Rider testimonials below are general and some not specifically about this tour – although they are of our similar tours in the same areas.

Alison Shaw reviewed:

Himalayan Heights Was Amazing, Spiti Was Even Better

“Love this company and everything about it. Rode Ladakh last year and had such a great time, that as soon as the opportunity came up to ride the new Spiti route, I jumped at it. Was expecting something great as had heard so much about the challenging riding and stunning landscapes, but nothing prepared me for just how awesome the trip was.” … Read More

Jarrad reviewed:

Himalayan Heights – Next Level!!

Absolutely amazing tour! Toby, Pete, Annu and the team really went above and beyond to look after everyone’s needs. Nothing but the best hotels and campsites! Already looking forward to joining them on future tours!”

Garry H reviewed:
Himalayan tour was amazing

“Spent 10 days riding from Manali India through the Himalayas around Spiti Valley with Toby and his local Indian support crew Ramu and Topy and it was amazing. The guys have good reliable bikes, are very well organised and ensure you have fun, excitement, adventures and the whole time feel comfortable with the riding environment and pace.
Pre booking information and confirmations handled by Anna [UK] was thorough and informative and included air travel info, packing lists and transit information.” … READ MORE

Laura reviewed:
You have to do this – Himalayan Heights

“What an absolutely awesome trip. The whole thing was incredibly well organised – we had nothing to think about apart from enjoying the ride. And what a ride it was! 

Great communication from the team beforehand, and a really helpful, professional, friendly and decent bunch of staff accompanying the ride. 

Book it – I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

HimalayaN EXTREME Motorcycle Tour gallery

HimalayaN Motorcycle Tour FAQ

Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Extreme Himalayan Motorcycle Tour. For all other FAQs related to payments and our company in general, please visit the General FAQs Page

Q: Do I need a motorcycle license for riding in India?
A: An easy one to start here – Yes you do. To be legally riding in India you are required to carry your local driving licence, which must cover the size of bike you will be riding  – the Mimalayan is a 411cc engine so you need up to 500cc cover . This will also be a stipulation of any travel insurance company too, so let’s face it – there is no way around this. You may be the three-time enduro world champion, but sadly this will count for nothing if there’s no licence in your wallet.

Q: Do I need an International Driving Permit (IDP)?
A: Yes. An IDP is basically an official, multi-language translation of your driving licence. They are cheap, quick and easy to obtain in your home country – if you are British and reading this, £5.50 will get you a year’s permit. So that roughly equates to half a pint of beer in London, or a two-bedroom terraced house in Liverpool 😉

Q: What about Insurance?
A: Travel insurance for a trip like this is a complete essential. We all know that riding motorcycles carries a certain amount of risk, so riding unfamiliar motorcycles on unfamiliar roads does not decrease that! Getting proper travel insurance that covers you for riding abroad is a no-brainer. If things go awry, you need to know that you have the correct cover to get you home safely such as emergency evacuation, medical bills, repatriation etc. *Touch wood* We have never had to call in a helicopter before but they are not cheap (costs can run into tens thousands of pounds) so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: If we settle on an intermediate Strouhal value of 0.3: We can estimate the airspeed of the European Swallow to be roughly 11 meters per second (15 beats per second * 0.73 meters per beat).

Q: What happens if I damage the motorcycle?
A: Obviously no one plans on damaging anything, but we accept it may happen. Minor damage is covered by us, so if you snap a lever, puncture a tyre or scratch the paintwork with your zip, we’re not going to chase you down the road waving a hastily drafted invoice.

However, major damage, particularly that caused by rider error or riding beyond the capabilities of the bike or rider will need to be covered by yourself. Barrel into a gravelly turn at 60 mph and hurl the bike over a cliff, then it’s your call not ours. That seem fair?

In these circumstances we will work out the cheapest way to have the repairs done to the necessary standard to return the bike to active service for the next customer.  We’re almost painfully fair in these situations and we would never intend to profit out of this. It’s bad enough binning a bike, we don’t want to add insult to injury.

If this approach worries you, we can offer a bespoke damage waiver for £180 –  get in touch with us for more details and we can talk through the options.

Q: What currency should I bring with me?
A: This one is both simple and complicated. The local currency is Indian Rupees – INR. However, unless you are a resident of India, importing rupees is prohibited so you cannot actually obtain the notes outside the country itself like you can for other countries.

You can either bring in other currencies to exchange when in India, or simply withdraw rupees from ATMs as you would back at home. Well we say that, but if you are in a remote village with only three residents, a yak and an elderly donkey, there may not be an ATM, so don’t expect universal coverage through the entire Himalayas!

If you do bring cash, US dollars are universally welcome. Bitcoin, coloured buttons and belly button fluff are not. Whatever you bring, try not to exchange too much at the arrival airport – the exchange rate is terrible. There are ATMs at the airport too.

Q: Do I need a visa for India?
A: Yes, unless you are a national of Nepal, Bhutan or the Maldives. The easiest way to get one is to apply for an e-tourist visa online, but make sure you visit the official site, or use a reputable company such as VFS rather than the many official looking sites that will scam you for far more than the cost, like they did to our member of staff, Julian …

Assuming you live in an eligible country / territory you can apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 120 days. So for example, if you are applying on 1st Sept you can select arrival date from 5th Sept to 2nd Jan.

For peace of mind, we recommend you do this nicely in advance to avoid any delays or issues. The visa lasts 60 days so unless you decide to extend your trip for vastly more than the length of the tour, then this should be plenty

When you arrive at Delhi airport, there is an immigration form to fill in before you queue up to show your visa. Now we all know Brits love to queue but don’t wait to get to the front just to have the man send you to the back past everyone to fill in the form, it’s just embarrassing.

Q: Can I forge all appropriate documents using an office photocopier and a Pritt stick?
 No, unless you are keen on spending time in an Indian jail and enjoy infrequent yet uncomfortably communal showers. Like their counterparts across the globe, Indian Customs officials go through months of training to avoid even smiling, so they won’t see the joke…

Q: Where do I fly into?

A: Assuming your name is not Clark Kent, you will need to book return flights to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (DEL). You may wish to use a flight comparison website such as Skyscanner to find the best deals. However, be a bit sensible on this – going for multiple transfers just to save a little bit of cash may prove a false economy, especially if delayed flights mean you miss connections. And of course, if you arrive in Delhi and your riding gear is heading for Delaware, then you’re going to have to borrow clothing like the kid who forgot his PE kit…

We will send someone to meet you at the airport – so be sure to give us your full flight details.

Q: How do I carry my main luggage?

A: Bend at the knees. Joking aside, the good news here – we are followed on the ride by either one or two support vehicles depending on group size. This means that all your luggage goes in there rather than having it bounce around on the back your Royal Enfield for miles on end. You just need to take either a tank bag or small rucksack with cameras and any travel essentials you feel you can’t manage without. All the spares, luggage, medical supplies, fuel, sweets, board games, Espresso coffee machine, the Complete works of Shakespeare and post-ride beer goes in the truck – genius!

Q: What is the baggage allowance for the domestic flights between Delhi and Manali?
A: As this is a short domestic flight, the included baggage allowance is 15-20kg. To increase this limit it costs approximately £30 per 10kg. We will discuss this requirement with you before the tour.

Q: How big is the group?
A: The average group size is between ten and fifteen riders as that’s about the manageable amount for a mixed group. If you are booking a private tour with a group of friends or a riding club we can be a bit more flexible on the upper number as it’s easier to coordinate a group that already know each other and ride together back home.

Q: Will we have a local guide?
A: Yes – definitely.  All of our tours are accompanied by at least one local guide and all-round fixer who can smooth our passage through India. Our guys have been riding with us for multiple trips so know the terrain and the towns and villages we’ll be visiting. And they can also ride the highest passes in the world in a pair of flip flops if required…

Q: Will a mechanic be riding with us?
A: Yes, our mechanics travel with us as the sweep rider at the back of the group. If you get a problem, they’ll hop off their bike, give you theirs to allow you to continue and fix the problem before re-joining the group. The truck travels with a multitude of spares from spare wheels to foot peg rubbers and the guys know their Enfields better than most!

Q: How many beans make 5?
A: 2 beans, a bean & a half, a bean and half a bean. It does! Add it up yourself.

Q: Do I need to take water with me?
 Regular hydration is a good idea when you ride, so many of our riders will take a Camelbak or drinks reservoir with them. There’s plenty of water in the truck so we’ll ensure everyone gets a drink during our frequent stops but having some with you is always a sensible move, even if it’s just a bottle in your day bag.

Q: Can I take lager in my Camelbak?
 No. Lager is far too fizzy and will squirt down the tube and spray out through your nose. Try Rum.

Q: Is there any medical support?

A: Yes. This tour is accompanied by either a local doctor in the support vehicle or a western qualified medic who will ride with the group. There will be a substantial medical kit & stretcher in the support vehicle. Every tour is equipped with a GPS tracker so that our staff can identify the precise location at any time.

Q: What is Global Rescue?

A: Global Rescue is the world’s leading medical & evacuation provider. Global Rescue membership is included in this tour package and will cover you for all riding days. In the event of an emergency, our medic / office will liaise with Global Rescue, ensuring that the best help is on it’s way to you as fast as possible.

Q: What happens in case of an emergency?
A: Our medic will choose the best course of action depending on the situation. He will have a medical kit with him and he can use our satellite messenger device to contact Global Rescue / our office. We will assist from our office – we can see your location from the GPS tracker and we’ll have the details of your travel insurance company. Where safety is concerned, rest assured, you’re riding with one of the most prepared motorcycle tour operators in the world.

Q: How can I avoid altitude sickness?
A: 1. Stay hydrated. Caffeine and alcohol impacts hydration, so maybe keep intake to a minimum until you are acclimatised. 
2. Apparently a high potassium diet (lots of bananas!) helps. 
3. Make a conscious effort to breathe properly as we climb to higher altitudes – you want to saturate your blood with oxygen. Your tour leader will explain this in more detail in your welcome briefing. 
4. Diamox is an altitude sickness tablet – please do your own research on this – if you decide you would like to take these, we always carry a stock with us. You’ll want to start taking these in Delhi (before we start climbing). 
5. Oxygen – we carry oxygen bottles with us on every trip. Our medic will keep an eye on everyone and monitor peoples stats. He will administer oxygen if necessary. 
6. Ibuprofen if you start to feel a headache coming on, but please notify the tour medic beforehand.

Q: What riding kit should I wear?
A: This is a regular question from all our riders. We don’t provide any riding gear for this trip so bringing your own is essential. As the riding is predominantly road based in this region, then road / adventure style kit is the way to go rather than off-road or enduro gear. So that’s going to mean a good helmet, protective riding jacket and trousers, ideally with CE or equivalent approved armour on the pointy bits – elbows, knees and shoulders.

You are also going to need good leather gloves, a neck tube to keep out the cold and maybe even base layers for the days we are travelling at altitude and the temperature drops. You should take waterproofs if your kit doesn’t keep out the wet stuff, but in reality the region is fairly dry when our tours are running. We don’t recommend open face helmets as they simply do not offer the same level of protection as a full face or flip front helmet even at low speeds. And definitely no mankinis please – ain’t nobody got time for that …

“Dress for the slide, not the ride..” as they say.

Q: Can my family see where I am?
A: Only if you want them too 😉 We always travel with a GPS tracker that tracks our location throughout the trip. The staff in the office will send you a link to the online map and you can share this with your family so that they know exactly where you are. It’s cleverly linked with Google maps, so they can actually zoom right into ‘street view’ and have a look around your precise location!

You can also send it to your mates to make them insanely jealous that you are in India having the holiday of a lifetime while they are slaving away at work. Surely the main reason you booked this ride?

Q: Do I need any immunisations for India?
A: Yes, you may do, but clearly it depends on what you’ve already had. The usual suspects that our riders normally get is Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, and Polio. These diseases still exist in many parts of the world and India is one of them, so getting adequately immunised is a wise precaution.

Please contact your local doctor or your country’s national health advisory service to see what they recommend for the area you are visiting. Some on the immunisations are free, some you will need to pay for through specialist travel companies.

Q: What if I get bitten by a Snow Leopard?
 Consider your selfextremely lucky! These elusive creatures are rarely spotted and as of 2016, the global population was estimated at a mere 4,500.

Q: How much spending money will I need to bring with me?
A: So, this is up to you, but as this is a largely inclusive tour, then you don’t need that much. Al the food, accommodation, permits and trips are sorted by us, so you just need cash for souvenirs, tips and alcoholic drinks. Unless you go absolutely mad in the gift shops and bars, then around £100 – £200 should be adequate. Shopping in India tends to be very reasonable so you can get quite a lot for not much! 

On the beer front, we encourage a bit of restraint – this is a riding tour after all, so we like to keep eight hours between bottle and throttle.

Q: What do you call a laughing motorcycle?
A: A Yamahahaha.

Q: Are there ATMs on the way?
A: Yes, there are ATMs in the larger towns, but not the villages. The service can be variable as the internet coverage drops out as often as an ageing hippy, so it’s best not to rely too heavily on the ATMs

Don’t forget to tell your bank you are heading to India, as without this information they will most likely think some rogue hacker is dipping into your account and promptly block your card.

Q: What is the accommodation like?
A: The accommodation on this trip is deliberately varied to give you a wide experience of the region. Sometimes we’ll be in top end hotels with all the facilities you’d expect, sometimes we’ll be in individual yurts at campsites miles away from anywhere. Have a look at the drop down description of each day’s ride under the ‘itinerary’ heading and you’ll find where we’ll be staying each night.

But wherever we stay, bear in mind this is India and things are not necessarily the same as back home. And that’s exactly the point – that’s what adventure travel is about.

Q: Is wifi available throughout the tour?
A: As we said earlier, yes in theory, although in practice, Wi-Fi coverage can be slow at best, slow on average and non-existent on many occasions. When you are riding in some of the most epic landscapes in the world, then just enjoying it for yourself is beautifully liberating – you can show your photos when you get back home.

Q: Is it safe to drink the tap water?
A: In a word No! Although the locals may be drinking tap water, doing the same has a strong possibility of playing havoc with your insides. It’s called Delhi Belly for a reason.

We recommend that you drink only bottled water and that you check the seal before drinking. If you chose canned drinks, give the lid a good wipe beforehand just to be sure. And for tooth brushing, rinsing with bottled water is best option too.

Q: Is the ice safe?
A: Generally, the round ice cubes with a hole in the middle are safe to have in your drinks as they tend to be made with purified water. Anything with crushed ice is less reliable mainly due to the way it is transported and stored.

If you are thinking of buying an iced smoothie from a man on a street corner with a bucket on the side of his bicycle, then maybe think again.

Q: Are salads safe to eat?
A: Not whilst riding. The salad leaves may blow backwards into your face rendering you temporarily blind, causing you to ride off the mountainside, careering to your untimely death, all the while being stung in the eyes by a vinaigrette dressing.

Who likes salad anyway?

Q: Can you cater for vegetarians / food allergies?
A: As most of the population is vegetarian, then avoiding meat is no problem at all. As to food allergies that’s much harder to control, especially in restaurants with small kitchens and limited experience as to the complications of lactose or gluten intolerance. We will make every effort possible to communicate your requirements to the places we visit, but we are unable to make cast iron guarantees. If you are going to go into a life-threatening spasm if you touch a stray peanut, then share it with your run leader –  we need to know that stuff, we really do.

Q: Will I die from a lack of T-bone steaks?
Yes. The Indian Himalayas is littered with the ghosts of hungry Australians searching for an Outback Steakhouse. Sorry guys, beef is strictly off the menu here!

Q: Who operates this tour?
A: This tour is operated by Ride Expeditions in collaboration with our local partner based in Manali, India who we have used since our very first tour in this region.

We believe it is this winning combination of western standards and local knowledge is what has made our tours so successful.

Q: How do I book?
A: To secure your place we simply need a US £500 non-refundable deposit. The remainder does not need to be paid until 30 days prior to the tour start date.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept most major credit/debit cards. We can also accept direct bank transfers. We do not accept Paypal or American Express.

Q: Is my money safe?
A: Yes. We a member of Protected Trust Services (PTS). Whenever you book a tour with us, your money is paid into an independent trust account managed by PTS. This money is insured against the failure of our company or any of our suppliers. We couldn’t run away with your money even if we wanted to!

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan is India's very first Adventure bike and were delighted to be using it for some of our more technical tours. The Himalayan has a beautifully torquey yet controllable motor and is matched to long travel suspension and upright riding position which is ideal to tackle the rough terrain.

The 2018 bikes now have electronic fuel injection which adapts seamlessly to the varying altitude in the region to deliver consistent and controllable power. But don't think that the Himalayan is just another generic adventure bike, it's comfortingly unique in both its looks and its performance - when you're riding under the shadows of the mighty Himalayas mountains, nothing else would feel right.


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