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The Ho Chi Minh Trail is a truly legendary route.

Stretching from the north of Vietnam and travelling right down to what was then Saigon – now Ho Chi Minh City – in the south of the country. In reality, it’s not just one trail, but a collection of seemingly thousands of back roads and trails that scythe through the achingly beautiful landscapes of neighbouring Laos and Cambodia, passing through everything from deep valleys lined with rice paddies to dense jungles far from civilisation. It’s a truly epic route and for motorcycle riders, it’s a true bucket list motorcycle tour.

But for all the beauty of the trail as it is today, the origins of the Ho Chi Minh Trail are far from peaceful. Between 1959 and 1975, the trail provided a vital route for the Viet Cong to transport arms and supplies to help in their resistance to the American forces during the Vietnam War. Such was the importance of the supply route to the communist forces, the US dropped over half a million tonnes of bombs onto the trail in Cambodia and a staggering three million tonnes in Laos in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to stem the flow of arms to the Vietnamese fighters.

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One of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century.”United States National Security Agency

Forty years later, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is an altogether more agreeable place to be. It still cuts through the landscape, but where there was bomb ravaged vistas, there is now mile after mile of stunning scenery, and beautiful tribal villages of friendly and welcoming people. The debris of the war has been recycled, so village huts are supported on enormous bomb casings and spent artillery shells are now pressed into use as flower planters and animal drinking troughs. This is a very special place.

Your 17 day motorcycle tour up the Ho Chi Minh Trail will not disappoint! Riding some of the best tracks in Southeast Asia, you will be accompanied and supported by a team of guides, mechanics and an expedition medic at every moment. When you are not riding the bikes on the sweeping and joyful tracks and roads, you’ll stay in everything from luxury hotels with infinity pools to tents in the middle of the Mekong River. You’ll see some of the rarest dolphins in the world, take a boat trip through a cave nearly 7 kilometres long (with your bike!), meet with members of remote hill tribes and swim in a blue lagoon before sinking a cool beer while watching the sunset.

Tour Key Points

  • Skill Level Required - Novice - Intermediate
  • Tour Type - On & off-road
  • Distance - 2,700km
  • Duration - 17 days (15 riding days + 2 non-riding days)
  • Tour Price - £4825 15% DISCOUNT (Jan 2019 ONLY)= £4195
  • Start City - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • End City - Luang Prabang, Laos

Tour Dates & Prices


Tour Key Info

  • The motorcycles: The highly capable Kawasaki KLX300 is the standard inclusion. For the more experienced rider we have the Yamaha WR450F as an upgrade option. All bikes are 2013+ fuel injection models with appropriate modifications.
  • Duration: 17 days total including welcome day & 1 non-riding day.
  • Terrain: Mostly off-road with a huge variety of riding terrain available, from tight singletrack, open sandy tracks, sweeping dirt roads and smooth highway.
  • Average daily ride hours: 5 – 8 with plenty of drink / photo stops.
  • Support crew: professional local guides/mechanics and a support vehicle to carry your luggage, spare parts and a spare motorcycle.
  • Medical support: A western medic will be riding with the group. He carries an extensive trauma kit with him on the bike and has a larger medical kit in the support vehicle.
  • Suitable for pillion riders? No

Tour Highlights

  • You’ll see some of the rarest dolphins in the world.
  • Take a boat trip through a cave nearly seven kilometres long (with your bike!)
  • Meet with members of remote hill tribes.
  • Fast paced dirt roads, river crossings on small wooden boats, steep rocky hills, river crossings and winding dirt roads.
  • Visit an elephant sanctuary and take a swim in the stunning Bou Sra waterfalls.
  • Ride along parts of the infamous Death Highway
  • Stay on a private island and campsite in the middle of the river at Preah Rumkel for a sunset barbecue by the water’s edge.
  • Travel through the remotest of villages like Hmong and Khmu that few tourists ever get to experience.
  • Snake alongside the Nam Kham River, taking in the stunning views as we approach the World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.


ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(18)For your first day in Cambodia we guarantee you’ll want to take an exciting and breathtaking tour of Phnom Penh in one of the thousands of tuk-tuks in the crazy and frenetic traffic. You’ll be met by your tour leader at the hotel in the morning – he will have arranged a tour of the city with a knowledgeable local guide. You will visit the bustling Russian Market and shop in the thousands of tiny shops that line the city’s street. You’ll have the chance to shoot machine guns at the firing range, and for some history, take in the chilling Killing Fields Memorial or the Genocide Museum.

In the afternoon you’ll meet the full Ride Team and have a chance to see the motorcycles you will be riding for the next 2700 kilometres! We’ll give you all a full briefing on the trip ahead before enjoying some cold beers on a sunset cruise down the Mekong River.

As the sun goes down, we’ll head to an excellent riverside restaurant for a traditional Cambodian dinner by the tranquil water before heading back to the hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel with a rooftop pool.

Included meals: Lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(7)The first riding day of this Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour! After a buffet breakfast on the rooftop terrace with views over the Tonle Sap & Mekong River, we’ll jump on the bikes, start the engines leave the bustle of Phnom Penh city behind us. Crossing the mighty Mekong River on a local ferry, we’ll then head north, riding alongside the river all the way to the riverside town of Kampong Cham, where we will spend the night. We’ll ride a fantastic mix of roads, dirt roads and trails, cross a river island and finish the day by ripping along a sandy river beach.

Accommodation: Riverside hotel with a rooftop bar & restaurant.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(3)Sticking to the side of the Mekong river we will continue north, passing through small villages and fishing communities. We stop at a riverside temple for refreshments before hitting the dirt. Today we will ride a great mix of easy riverside trails, winding dirt roads. We finish up the day by crossing the Mekong on a small ferry over to riverside town of Kratie, followed by a couple of cold beers whilst watching the sunset over the river.

Accommodation: Riverside hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(4)We leave the Mekong and ride East on a mix of tarmac and dirt roads. After lunch we have some excellent trail options. For the experienced riders we have the option for some technical off road riding on the old ‘King’s Highway’. The King’s highway offers an exciting mix of rocky hills, tighter singletrack and bamboo bush that snakes up into the hills. The easier option will stick to the smooth blacktop that winds up through the green forests. The afternoon is an easy but exhilarating ride on singletrack and dirt roads, through pine forests and over rolling hills. We are now in the beautiful Mondulkiri hill province of Cambodia. We stay in wooden bungalows in a nature lodge, where cows and ponies roam free outside your balcony. We’ll finish the day with cold beers around a roaring campfire.

Accommodation: Nature lodge bungalows.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(6)Another exciting day with four different trail options ranging in difficulty so we can really tailor this day to suit the skill levels of the group.

From river crossings, rocky hills and winding dirt roads, to sandy tracks & trails through small villages – the possibilities are wide and varied.

Passing through the Mondulkiri province we’ll ride along parts of the infamous Death Highway! It’s a brilliant days riding that finishes us in the enchanting Ratanakiri province and an incredible hillside resort that will be our home for the next 2 nights.

Accommodation: Hillside resort with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(24)After five days on the bikes, we reckon you’ll be ready for a rest day, and faced with such a great resort, you won’t disagree. There’ll be time to go exploring, maybe relax by the swimming pool and, perhaps more pressing – get some laundry done by the incredibly efficient hotel staff – most of our riding kit tends to come back the cleanest it’s ever been!

The capital of Ratanakiri, Banlung is home to the spectacular Yeak Laom volcanic lake, hidden in a dense tropical forest, the warm azure water is a Mecca for tourists and locals alike. You can just sit by the waters edge, but you’d be missing an experience if you don’t swim in the fantastic setting.

Once out of the water, the support crew will be on hand with snacks and cold beers to finish off the afternoon – does life get any better?

If you would rather go sightseeing, Banlung also has some great waterfalls and interesting hill tribe communities for those that wish to explore the area.

Accommodation: Hillside resort with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(7)Day seven starts with a life affirming rip along a winding dirt road to reach our first boat crossing of the day – always good fun, but not before a refreshing drink straight from a cold coconut at the local market.

We’ll then load up the bikes on our aquatic taxi and board a wooden boat and chug over to the other side of the river where the trails await.

And what incredible trails they are – 35 kilometre long beauty that winds through the trees, across rivers and passes through tiny and remote villages. We’ll need to cross another two rivers on wooden boats before reaching the end of the trail.

The final part of the days riding takes a long dirt trail back towards the Mekong River. We’ll jump on the last wooden boat of the day and in a mere 15 minutes we’ll be ashore our own island and private campsite in the middle of the river at Preah Rumkel for a sunset barbecue by the water’s edge.

Accommodation: Private campsite on a river island (individual tents).

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(15)Waking up on a river island, the only way to start the day is a refreshing swim – and it might well clear your head from the previous evening’s beers! After bidding a fond farewell to our river island we will scoot the boat over to a small village for a delicious breakfast of egg-fried rice and strong Lao coffee.

We will then head back to the boat to chug out into the middle of the river to spot the incredibly rare Irrawaddy dolphins. There are only around half a dozen left in this part of the country and a mere 85 left in the entire Mekong.

With the David Attenborough stuff done, it’s back to the bikes for a quick five-kilometre blat across to the Laos border. Once the paperwork has been inspected, stamped, inspected, stamped again and generally poured over by chirpy customs officials, we head north to visit the staggering Khone waterfalls – the greatest water volume waterfall on the planet and an unmissable sight.

The day continues with a gentle sweeping trail up to the impressive sounding Kong Island, though fortunately no oversize gorillas are resident there. After this it’s a ferry to Mounlaphamok and then we take a dirt road along the Mekong up to Champassak town, to spend our first night in Laos at a gorgeous riverside resort.

Accommodation: Luxury riverside resort with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(9)After a riverside breakfast, we’ll ride north alongside the Mekong before crossing on another local ferry. We then follow dirt roads and a small dirt track that will lead us through Xe Pian National Park before branching off onto a series of delightfully narrow ox-cart and single-track trails that wind through thick forest. There’s plenty of creek crossings to master so you’ll need to have your wits about you to keep everything but you feet dry!

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(21)To start the day we have a short tarmac ride out of Attapeu to take a look at a huge old Russian missile, a remnant of the Vietnam War and a reminder of the harsh history of this region.

From here it’s onto some great dirt roads that climb into the hills. We’ll stop for selfies and photos at a long abandoned Russian tank rusting alongside the track before continuing along the trail, enjoying fantastic panoramic views over the forests. The landscape here is stunning – it’s hard to imagine that so much conflict went on in those rolling hills.

Stopping for lunch with the locals in Chaleunxai village, in the afternoon we continue to ride upwards, climbing up to almost 1,300 metres and passing through stunning hill tribe villages only found in the south of Laos.

After crossing a wide river on a newly built bridge, we continue our journey on the main road towards the Bolaven Plateau before pressing on to our evening’s destination at a beautiful & luxurious garden resort.

Accommodation: Luxury resort with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(12)After breakfast at the resort with coffee grown in the surrounding plantations, we head out on a dirt road to meet the people of the A-Lak tribe who are indigenous to this region and who still live a life largely unchanged over centuries.

This region is peppered with bomb craters from the Vietnam War, though with a pragmatic approach, the local people have now put them to use as fishing lakes and swimming pools for the water buffalo and small children.

The first river crossing we encounter on this day’s riding was the site of one of countless bridges targeted in American bombing raids to break the chain of supplies travelling the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Although the conflict is long gone, the bridges too are consigned to history.

It’s a great day on the trails too, with a series of small climbs, descents, creek crossings, rocky sections and sand. We ride along remains of the original roads of the Ho Chi Minh Trail as we pass through dense woodlands, small villages and valleys, finishing this epic day with a river crossing on tiny wooden boats!

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(13)There’s no need to pack this morning as we ride in a loop, returning to the same hotel tonight. After breakfast we travel a short distance out of the town to visit the Laos-Vietnam War Museum. There are lots of guns, tanks, helicopters, photos, maps and videos on display here and it’s a chance to see and understand what exactly was going on in Laos during the Vietnam War.

After the history lesson, we’re straight back on the bikes and head south towards the longest bamboo bridge in the country, an incredible if slightly scary construction to ride across.

The area on the other side of the water is still littered with unexploded ordinance from the war, but before you reach for the insurance documents, there’s no need to worry – we’ll be keeping to well used and completely safe routes – just maybe don’t wander off for a call of nature!

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(22)Today’s riding takes us on a rough and winding road to Vilabouly, home to Laos’ largest gold mining operation. From there we ride on rocky dirt tracks that take us through Hin Nam No National Park and onto an area that Ride Expeditions has unofficially christened  ‘Swiss Cheese Valley’, though quite why you’ll have to wait and see.

Before another delicious lunch with the locals there’s a river crossing on tiny wooden canoes that will test the nerve of all that cross! We finally find some smooth and fast tarmac to cruise up to our next campsite at Nam Thern Lake. The beers are on ice, the barbie is good to go and the sunset over the lake comes for free. This will surely be a night to remember!

Accommodation: Private campsite – individual tents.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(17)After so much travel, today is a short and relaxed one with a morning run up a winding dirt road towards the valley that forms the entrance to the Konglor Cave. Cruise through the vast seven kilometre long cave on an individual wooden boat with your bike at your side. This is one hell of an experience!

At the other our support vehicle will be waiting with cold drinks and it’s time for a swim in the deep blue lagoon. We have a short blast on the road to our evening’s stopover at a stunning riverside resort, where dinner and another roaring fire awaits.

Accommodation: Stunningly beautiful riverside resort.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(14)For today, it’s a stunning day’s ride up and down the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the Nam Kading mountain range.

The morning will be on the blacktop, but after lunch we hit the dirt tracks and travel through the remotest of villages of Hmong and Khmu that few tourists ever get to experience.

The day ends in the small town of Muang Mok perched high in the mountains that will be our home for the night.

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-1 (2)The tour may be heading into the final days, but the scenery and riding does not let up one jot as we follow sweeping dirt tracks and narrow dirt trails towards Phonsavanh and if time permits, we have the chance to visit Mine Advisory Group Information Centre to learn more about the history of the region during the Indochina War.

Phonsavanh is a chilly place – please remember to pack warm layers for this afternoon / tomorrow mornings ride.

Accommodation: Beautiful hilltop cottages – each equipped with open wood fires and surrounded by pine tree forest.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch.

ho-chi-minh-trail-motorcycle-tour-adventure-(2)After a delicious breakfast in the hillside restaurant we saddle up for our final day of riding on this epic Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour. Our route snakes alongside the Nam Kham River, taking in the stunning views as we approach the World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

After arriving at our luxury hotel there’s a chance to lose the riding kit and have a shower before heading into the fantastically vibrant town for some victory beers alongside the Mekong, the same one we’ve tracked and crossed for the whole incredible seventeen days and 2700 kilometres of this epic trip. Now that’s an achievement you’ll never forget!

Accommodation: Luxury hotel with a pool.

Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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Why book with Ride Expeditions

Ride Expeditions is a British owned company that has always operated with the standard of ‘combining expert local knowledge with high western standards‘. It is this winning combination that has resulted in our success of running the ultimate motorcycle adventure tours.

As a UK Ltd company we have been able to affiliate ourselves with the PTS (Protected Trust Services), giving you the consumer 100% financial security when booking a tour through Ride Expeditions Ltd UK.

Tour Inclusions

  • Kawasaki KLX300
  • Western medic riding with the group
  • Cross-border riding permits
  • Global Rescue cover for all riding days​​
  • 4×4 support vehicle + spare motorcycle
  • Professional local guides / mechanic(s)
  • Excellent twin-share accommodation as per itinerary
  • All fuel
  • All meals as per itinerary
  • Ride Expeditions personalised travel app for android and IOS
  • Ride Expeditions riding jersey
  • Welcome pack
  • Airport pickup by Tuk Tuk
  • Entrance fees / crossings etc.
  • Welcome day city Tuk Tuk tour
  • We donate a percentage of tour profits to a local charity / school
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf

Tour Exclusions

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Motorcycle damages -we require a £500 security to be 'held' on your card. Alternatively, we can offer our own damage insurance - see 'Optional Extras' below.
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary​
  • Visas - approx $30 per country
  • Alcohol
  • Other personal expenses
  • Emergency transportation

Optional Extras

  • Change to Yamaha WRF450 + £640
  • Single room accommodation + £320
  • Protective riding gear + £305
  • Motorcycle damage insurance + £305 for Kawasaki KLX300 or £350 for Yamaha WRF450

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Rider Testimonials

Anton C reviewed:

What an experience!!

“Thank you Toby and Sopal for going above and beyond to impeccably organise a full day tour for me at the very last minute! Having been on numerous outings and tours in South east Asia over several years this has been by some distance the most memorable!” … READ MORE

Jeremy P reviewed:

Brilliant, keen for another

“The reviews aren’t fake! I rode the cardamom mountain explorer while my better half was on a tour bus. We went every where the tour buses couldn’t go. I feel that we saw a good amount of the real Cambodia that most westerners won’t ever see.” …READ MORE

Ginomussos reviewed:

Awesome experience

“Want a challenge? this is it. Had a once in a lifetime experiencie here! wouldn’t change anything. Excellent riding spots, every day new challenge, amazing places and stops. Incredible support team and bikes ready for speed!”

Wabe B reviewed:

Absolutely spot on.

“Best trip I’ve done ever. Would recommend it to any keen enduro rider. Awesome mix of riding and Fut (our guide) and his crew were spot on!!!! He’s got the pace to challenge most riders I know. Definitely a must!!”

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour FAQ

Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the this tour. For all other FAQs related to payments and our company in general, please visit the General FAQs Page.

Q: Do I need a valid motorcycle licence?
A: The answer is a big YES – we require all riders have a valid licence that would entitle them to ride the capacity of bike selected in their home country. If you can’t ride a 450 at home, you won’t be covered to ride one on our tours.

It’s also a requirement for you to have also an International Driver’s Permit which is a few pounds from your local Post Office for UK nationals. PLEASE BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE COMPANY.

Q:: What about riding experience?
A: We want confident and experienced riders on our tours, so for this reason we want you to have at least two years active riding experience. This is not necessarily the same as having had a licence for two years if you have only owned a bike for six weeks!

Following on from this, as this tour is predominantly off-road, it is more than preferable if you have a good amount of off-road riding experience before booking up. Should you have any doubts, give our us a call and ask to speak to the tour leader – he will talk through any queries you may have.

Q: Does having a step-through moped in 1996 count as good experience?
A: Only if you are intending to go shopping in Cambodia rather taking on hundreds of miles along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Q: What about travel insurance?
A: As with any foreign travel, proper insurance is a good move, so we insist that all riders have appropriate insurance in place. The policy you chose needs to cover you for riding motorcycles and importantly – for riding the capacity of bike that you have chosen. Mainstream companies may not offer such cover, so we’re happy to provide recommendations.

Just to cover eventualities, your insurance should have provision for medical evacuation and repatriation back home.

Q: What happens if I damage the motorcycle?
A: Apart from the usual wear and tear, you are liable for any damage caused. We have two options for you: 1. For an extra £305 for the Kawasaki KLX300 or  £350 for the Yamaha WRF450 we offer a damage protection plan – any damage caused to the motorcycle is then covered by us , with the exception of falling off due to a failed wheelie attempt or drowning the bike in a river! 2. We will ‘hold’ £500 on your debit/credit card as a security against motorcycle damage – this will money will not leave your bank account unless you damage the motorcycle. If you do damage the bike, we will be as fair as we possibly can – we never intend to profit from damage charges.

Q: Do I need a visa?
A: This depends where you are from originally, but the likelihood is that you’ll need visas for both Cambodia and Laos. You can purchase the Cambodian Visa online before you arrive in the country, but you’ll need to buy the Laos visa at the border for about $30.
Check with your local embassy to be entirely sure what you will need and when.

Q: Do I need to carry my luggage on my bike?
A: Given the carrying capacity of a KLX, you’d be lucky to fit more than a big lunchbox! The answer is no, as all your luggage will be in the support truck. The truck will also carry bike spares, fuel, and a spare bike, so all you need to ride with is a small day bag with a drinks reservoir and a camera.

The truck also has spare seats so in case of injury, illness or even ‘over-indulgence’ you can travel in the passenger seats for a while to recover. You will however have to endure truly awful Cambodian pop music on the radio – think fingernails down a blackboard accompanied by a bad-tempered cat…

Q: We’re camping in a few places – do I need to pack camping kit?
A: Are you a frustrated boy scout? Although you are welcome to bring whatever you want on this trip, you don’t actually need to start cramming tents, hammocks, sleeping bags or any other camping kit into your suitcase. Anything you’ll need will be provided by us.

Q: Will we have a local guide?
A: Yes. All of our tours are accompanied by at least one local guide / fixer.

Q: Will a mechanic be riding with us?
A: Yes, of course. At least one mechanic will ride at the back of the group.

Q: Is there any medical support?
A: Yes. This tour is accompanied by a western qualified medic who will be riding with the group and carrying a substantial med-kit, satellite phone and GPS tracker.

Q: What is Global Rescue?

A: Global Rescue is the world’s leading medical & evacuation provider. Global Rescue membership is included in this tour package and will cover you for all riding days. In the event of an emergency, our medic / office will liaise with Global Rescue, ensuring that the best help is on it’s way to you as fast as possible.

Q: What happens in case of an emergency?
A: Our medic will choose the best course of action depending on the situation. He will have a medical kit with him and he can use our satellite phone to contact Global Rescue / our support vehicle / our office. We will assist from our office – we can see your location from the GPS tracker and we’ll have the details of your travel insurance company. Where safety is concerned, rest assured, you’re riding with one of the most prepared motorcycle tour operators in the world.

Q: What riding kit should I wear?
A: As a minimum you should be wearing a motocross/enduro/adventure style helmet with goggles, knee & elbow pads, gloves and a sturdy pair of motocross/enduro/adventure style boots, riding pants and a lightweight jersey  – we provide you a Ride Expeditions jersey with your name printed on the back. Chest/back protection and a neck brace is also highly advisable. Although it will be very warm for most of the trip, there will be the occasional day when it is much cooler – please pack some extra layers for these days.

Q: I don’t have my own riding gear – do you have any I could rent?
A: Yes, we do have high quality gear that is available for rent… the price is $250 for all gear , although we can of course provide individual items of kit at a lower price, so that’s helmet, boots, jersey, pants, knee/elbow pads, chest protection, goggles, gloves. However, to ensure maximum comfort we would always advise that your bring your own kit if possible.

Q: Can my family see where I am?
A: Yes. The tour will be accompanied by one of our GPS trackers that tracks our location throughout the trip. We will send you a link to the online map and you can share this with friends / family.

Q: Do I need any immunisations for Cambodia?
A: Yes. For obvious reasons – we’re not doctors!, We do not like to advise on which ones you should or should not get so please visit your local GP or travel clinic and explain you will be visiting Cambodia and riding deep into the jungle.

Q: What about malaria?
A: Don’t be worried! Whilst it does exist in Cambodia, it is not that high risk. Again, please contact your local GP for advice

Q: You have an app???
A: Hell yea we do! Our brand new travel app – available on Android and IOS – will house all your booking details. It will help you get ready for your trip, notify you of any changes we’re making, have a breakdown of the itinerary, show you the local weather and you’re even able to keep a personal journal within the app! It’s very very useful.

Q: Can I pay with Bitcoin?
A: Sadly not. As much as we try to embrace new technology, theoretical virtual currencies that may be worth fortunes at breakfast and nothing at lunchtime tend to make our accountants nervous. In fact he’d prefer shiny buttons.

(Just to clarify, you can’t actually pay with shiny buttons).

Q: What currency should I bring with me?
A: The official local currency of Cambodia is ‘Riel’ and in Laos it’s ‘Kip’, however you do not need to acquire any of this prior to your arrival. Bring US dollars with you. US dollars are used across both countries and you will naturally acquire a pocket full of Kip & Riel as you go.

Q: Are there ATMs on the way?
A: Yes, in all towns, but not the villages.

Q: What is the accommodation like?
A: Please see the drop down description of each days ride under the ‘itinerary’ heading. Daily accommodation is described here. We use excellent quality accommodation where available. In the smaller towns & villages we will stay in the best available accommodation.

Q: Can you cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies?
A: While we cannot make guarantees, we will always pass on any dietary requirements to places that we eat. That said for a lot of the tour we will be in rural areas, so trying to explain lactose intolerance is trickier than in a city centre wholefood restaurant in Sydney. The food in both countries is both plentiful and delicious, but if there are any ingredients that are going to cause you real issues, let us know – we don’t want to be constantly poised with a loaded Epi-pen.

Q: I don’t like rice, noodles, vegetables or spicy Asian food. Will we be close to a MacDonalds?
A: You are going to be very hungry for seventeen days….
If you really can’t stomach the idea of going Asian for more than 24 hours we will do what we can to cater to you – we will let you know when Western food options are available and where possible provide western style lunches such as baguette sandwiches imported meats, cheeses, crisps and fruit etc.

Q: Who operates this tour?
A: This tour is operated by Ride Expeditions in collaboration with our local Cambodian & Laos partners. We believe it is this winning combination of western standards and local knowledge is what has made our tours so successful.

Q: How do I book?
A: To secure your place we simply need a US £500 non-refundable deposit. The remainder does not need to be paid until 30 days prior to the tour start date.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept most major credit/debit cards. We can also accept direct bank transfers. We do not accept Paypal or American Express.

Q: Is my money safe?
A: Yes. We a member of Protected Trust Services (PTS). Whenever you book a tour with us, your money is paid into an independent trust account managed by PTS. This money is insured against the failure of our company or any of our suppliers. We couldn’t run away with your money even if we wanted to!

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KAWASAKI KLX 250 / 300

We use the new fuel injected (2013+) models of the ever faithful Kawasaki KLX250, most of which we bore out to 300cc to improve performance. All of these bikes have been modified with strong handlebars, hand guards, performance exhausts and fuel controllers / ECU’s. This machine is the perfect trailbike to reliably and comfortably take you on an adventure of Cambodia.

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