Husqvarna recall 2017 off-road bikes over brake issue

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Husqvarna have issued a recall on a large number of their off-road bikes due to a problem with the front brake.

The issue does not affect all 2017 bikes, so owners will need to check their frame numbers before calling up the dealers, but the manufacturer has confirmed that the problem affects bikes in the TC, FC, TX. TE and FE ranges –  so that’s basically everything they make that goes off-road. Somewhere in Austria there’s a man with his head in his hands ..

The company along with it’s sister brand KTM was affected by a recall on all their 2016 bikes due to potential issues with spokes, so this recall on the 2017 bikes will not be something they’ll be too chuffed about. They are at pains to point out that the issue does not affect all bikes, and is due to anomalies in manufacture from the supplier, rather than Husqvarna made components, but for owners there is perhaps little difference.

Some Husqvarna handlebars recently

In a press release  Husqvarna said ” Following market investigations by Husqvarna it has been determined that anomalies in the manufacturing process have resulted, with certain batches, in hand brake cylinders with defective machining from the supplier. This can lead to early wear of the sealing cup in the hand brake cylinder, thus leading to impaired braking performance. As the anomalies are restricted to specific batches, the hand brake cylinder must be checked and the affected batches replaced.”

If you have bought one of the 2017 bikes, you should have been written to you if your machine is affected by the recall. However, it may be worthwhile contacting your supplying dealer to check the database. Apparently you can also check online in the ‘Service’ area of the Husky website by entering your bike details, but as we don’t have a 2017 Husqvarna in the Ride Expeditions garage, we can’t tell you what pops up if you have a bike on the list.


The check and /or replacement of the front master cylinder will be carried out at no cost to owners save for the fuel to get the bike to the dealers. It does however need to be done by an authorised dealer, so don’t think you can just call in and collect the part and do it yourself – recalls don’t work that way!

Of course the problem with the Huskies follows an issue with the orange bikes. As with the spoke issue, the two brands announced the same recall within a very short period of time too – same supplier, same issue.


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