January 2017 Newsletter

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Santa's coming!

Ah greetings our loyal readers

As the shadows of 2016 slip into the distance, the bright new dawn of 2017 is upon us. The USA has installed Mr Trump to lead them, the UK is trying to leave a party that half the guests want to stay at, Australia’s Toby Price didn’t manage to win the Dakar, but KTM still managed to keep the crown thanks to Sam Sunderland’s efforts.

So what’s been happening in our world since December?


While the rest of the world were still sitting in their lounges surrounded by the debris of Christmas, our man Toby was already heading his way back to South East Asia. But this was no holiday; Mr Jacobs was on his way to meet another batch of happy clients for the next tour on our calendar.

Ride Expeditions on tour

The Tough One is one of our more challenging tours, starting of in the bustling city of Siem Reap and taking on the dense jungle to the south of the country, the beauty of the beaches at Kep and Kampot before heading north.  Our riders had an epic time on the tour, as they battled slippery trails, impossible bridges and sweeping trails.

But don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the stunning new video that Toby has made featuring his all new ‘ as yet to be crashed’ drone ..


No sooner had Toby and the crew returned to base, the next set of customers had arrived and were champing at the bit for a bit of Cambodian biking.  But this time it was the infamous ‘Whole Hog’ , a challenging yet beautiful tour that circles the entire country, taking in the majestic beauty of the temples at Preah Khan and Beng Mealea . But don’t think it’s all sightseeing – there’s some proper hardcore riding in there – deep jungle trails, river crossings and tough trails through the mountains and hilltop villages. And once it’s all done, we end on the glistening white sands of Sihanoukville. Now that’s a tour!

A river crossing to die for

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s even a chance to visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Ankor Wat, probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet ….


After two tours in Cambodia, the Ride team up sticks and heads north towards the capital city Laos, the rather charming Vientiane, for the start of our all new Laos to Vietnam tour at the end of January. Toby and Julian did the final recce ride for this tour back in November, and battled cracked subframes, fallen trees and blood-sucking leeches to fully check the route. It wasn’t all work and no play as the boys also regularly sampled the delights of Laos beer, the stunning and endless hill top trails, a five-hour boat journey and some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever encounter. Oh and our guide Phu nearly bought himself a pet dog, but that’s another story.

There’s no time to join this year’s trip, but if you fancy the tour, then drop Anna an email – believe us you will not regret it!


We’re delighted that our Himalayan Heights tour got a fantastic seven page article in the January edition of the rather marvellous Adventure Bike Rider magazine. If you want to know just how good our tours are just read the article – it’s a cracking piece!


On top of the world

After successfully testing during our November tours in Cambodia, we are delighted to be bringing the rather enjoyable Yamaha WRF450s onto the fleet for our adventures in 2017. As we’ve invested in the fuel injected models they should keep the customers more than happy, especially the Australians who love a big donk.  Bring on the trails!


So our series of blogs continue to reach bike fans across the globe – from California to Canberra bikers are tuning in to Ride Expeditions. Since the last newsletter we’ve featured tests on the Yamaha WRF450, reviewed the Yamaha Off-Road Experience, been riding with 40 Santas, offered Discounts on Honda try out days, told you how to vastly improve your 2017 and even how to smarten up your wheels.

If you haven’t read any of Julian’s scribbling yet – you can catch them all here .


So this month we’ve taken a look at a European machine, in the form of the SWM RS300RS. Arising from the former Husqvarna factory in northern Italy, the revised marque is now producing a great range of on and off road models.


Here’s a bit of the review

“So our test bed for the SWM RS300 was going to be a tough one. While our normal route would take in the gentle lanes of Bath and North Somerset, for this one we’d travelled to another country entirely. OK so it was only southeast Wales but all the same the terrain is noticeably more nadgery and technical than the West Country equivalent.

Over the course of the eight hours of riding before the sun went down and sent us back across the Severn Bridge we encountered a range of lanes from vicious rock steps, steep declines. Fallen trees and rain-filled gullies that go on forever. Oh and one of the toughest lanes that we have ever encountered with a foot wide trench that was almost impossible to ride without standing over the bike. In terms of British trail riding, this was a tough challenge.”

Want to read more? Click here  …

OK so that’s all for the moment. We’re off to lie down in a darkened room before setting off to Laos. It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it …


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