July 2016 Newsletter #2

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Morning all – it’s time for the newsletter again and there’s so much going on in the Ride Expeditions camp that we are buzzing like an old fridge. So lets have a look.

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That’s right! There’s so many changes being made at Ride Expeditions we thought that it would be suitable to give us a fresh new look too. These times they are a changin’


For most people, New Year can be a huge disappointment. No matter what you do, you’re always convinced everyone else is doing something better and more exciting.
So for this year why don’t you be the one that’s doing that something. Straight after Christmas we set off for the truly epic ‘Tough One’ tour in deepest Cambodia. Over nine days of hard-core riding, we travel from Siem Reap, covering nearly 600km over three days to reach the achingly beautiful riverside town of Koh Kong.
After a day on the beach, we set off again travelling inland through dense jungle and stunning mountain scenery. After hitting the coastal town of Kep, the final day takes us the final stretch to the capital city of Phnom Penh.
While you don’t need to be a pro enduro bunny to take on this tour, you do need some good off-road experience, as this is a full-on trip that takes on rocky climbs, deep river crossings and plenty of mud. It’s life-affirming stuff.
If you fancy the trip go to THE THOUGH ONE page to get the full details. Or you could stay in for a warm eggnog and a wet kiss from your Aunt Ethel …

The Tough One Cambodia


After months of agonising, our man-in- the-field, Toby, has finally been persuaded to retire the old fleet and usher in the new bikes for the latter part of 2016 and beyond. So the elderly Honda XR 250s and Suzuki DRZ400s have been put out to pasture – probably involving providing transport to an entire Cambodian village at once!
So we’ve been busy fettling and testing the Kawasaki KLX250s and Honda CRF250s (follow this link for our full write up). They’re both rock solid trail bikes and these will be the base models for our off-road tours in Southeast Asia. Our guy with the spanners, Vut, has already fitted a 300cc kit, aftermarket pipe and ignition to the Kawi to release the horses. The mods had the desired effect, so it is now decided… all of our KLXs will be 300cc. Happy days.
For the more power hungry, we’re also be drafting in a gang of KTM EXC450s as an upgrade option, so that’s Julian happy…



In just over a week we will be setting out from New Delhi on the first of this year’s Himalayan Heights tours. As we speak an entire fleet of brand spanking new Royal Enfield Classics is on route to our Indian headquarters, closely followed by an all new support truck – it’s like the Paris – Dakar circa 1950!
The two week trip travels north from Manali right up into the heart of the biggest mountains on the planet and travelling along the highest ‘motorable’ roads in the world on the way to Nubra Valley, before heading back south towards Leh on the final riding day.
Staying in everything from yurts to luxurious mountain hotels this is a bucket list ride that ticks every box going.

Himalayan waterfall


While Toby and Anna are sorting the logistics in India and trying to cross the road without being mown down by a million mopeds, UK correspondent Julian is holding the fort in Blighty. Aside from the usual social media malarkey, Julian’s been borrowing a KLX250 from the lovely folk at Kawasaki so that he can test it and suggest the upgrades needed. He’s out on it on the weekend, entrusting his KTM to his friend Stacy, who as a female in the TRF will have the other riders behaving like embarrassing schoolboys! He’s also been trying the Honda CRF250 on the same run to get back-to- back comparisons. Oh and talking of Hondas, he’s also secured a two day training course on the awesome new Africa Twin at the Dave Thorpe Off-Road Centre. The lucky monkey – how on earth did he blag that? It’s not all good for JC though – a van caught fire near his car and melted the front. Karma is a funny thing!


Laos - Vietnam Tour map

As well as bike fettling and riding. Toby and Anna are also working hard on the logistics for the new Laos to Vietnam cross-border tour. Setting up new routes takes far more work than our customers will ever know, but it’s the preparation that counts so there’s no substitute for hours of research and talking to the people that know.
We’ll do a separate update on the tour in the next few days, but if you fancy joining us on the initial trial run in January, we’d love you to hear from you! If that weren’t enough we’re also talking to local guides and experts to organise another epic Himalayan adventure that will head all the way to Everest base camp, travelling through both Tibet and Nepal. Oh and then there’s Mongolia and Myanmar (India and Cambodia will one day be connected by tours, Toby says!)… Enough already. Put down the laptop, do that oil change that has been overdue for a month and get on yer bike. You won’t be this fit or this good looking forever …


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