We’d like to start off by saying a big fat old ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of our bike boots to everyone who was so kind to donate to our fundraiser. With over £6,000 raised, the response was incredible and way beyond anything we had expected or even hoped for, so to say we were blown away is an understatement! The guys from the team over in India have also asked us to send over their heartfelt thanks to all you lovely people on their behalf.

Local family in India

We set Anu to work with the task of handing out food rations to the families in dire straits and this also evolved into handing out shoes to the kids (some families are literally living in rubbish dumps and the children were running around barefoot!) as well as some school books and stationary for the older children that need it. As you can imagine, it’s all been extremely gratefully received and it has made a huge difference!

The lockdown has since started to ease in Manali so it has become possible again for the shop owners and others to start earning money again. With such a huge amount raised by our riders there is still money left over which we would now like to spend with more forethought, such as paying the school fees for the children whose parents have been unable to raise the required amount during lockdown.

We don’t want to waste any of the money you have so kindly donated so are in talks with a local charity in Manali about the best way to go about this and of course we will keep you all updated.


Local family in India

Now back to all things bike…


Whilst the weather here in the UK is decidedly dreary, South Africa are in a Level 4 lockdown, Australasia seem to have formed a travel bubble amongst themselves and our friends over in America are allowed to roam the world (well, within reason) – the lucky buggers! 
So this July our fantastic team over in Colombia are chomping at the bit to get back out on the road again (well, off-road technically). 

Let’s just hope we can remember how to do this whole ‘running a tour’ malarky. It’s been a while…

A group of American dirt bike riders will soon be boarding a plane to Bogota to enjoy 10 days of dirt bike riding bliss throughout the Colombian Andes, on what will be our first tour in 16 months! Toby is itching to get over there himself, but with UK travel restrictions a fair bit tighter than the States, he’ll have to settle for a recce trip through Spain and Morocco… boohoo right?

Dirt bikes on a boat in Colombia.


As is probably the case for a lot for you bikers out there, the chance to go to bike meets has been few and far between. Much to Toby’s delight he got the chance to be a marshal at the recent ABR bike festival in the grounds of Ragley Hall. Joining him in the fun police was moto journalist (and old friend of Ride Expeditions) Mr Julian Challis, past rider from one of our Himalayan tours Nico Panigarda & newest member of the team (yet another past rider from both Cambodia & one of our Himalayan tours), Ian Greasby.
Spending his days covered in mud, helping bikers through the tougher sections & envying Graham Jarvis’s skills, Toby obviously felt right at home. Hopefully it shan’t be too long before he’s back working the trails full time again, just in slightly more exotic climates! Not that there’s anything wrong with Warwickshire of course.


It would be remiss of us not to formally introduce the newest member of the team, Mr Ian Greasby. Some of you will already know him if you joined us on 5th October 2019 Hidden Himalayas tour. Rather than continue paying for tours, he has cleverly got himself hired by us and will now be the main man leading tours down in Morocco and beyond.

Below is a photo of his CRF450X engine after he got shot at in the Oman desert… look carefully and you’ll see the bullet hole in the middle. Want to hear the full story? Best book a tour with him 😉


Bonkers about Bikes, Greaser has lived all over the world combining his love of making friends, experiencing new cultures and riding bikes.

He’s lived in West Africa, North Africa, Siberia to the Middle East, meeting some amazing people on the way. For 7 years he was leading friends all over beautiful, unspoilt Oman from 3,000m rocky ascents to 4,000km unsupported trips deep into the deserts bordering Saudi, the UAE and Yemen.

A veteran of Clubman Enduro’s and the insane Weston Beach Race, Greaser’s main passion is Desert Rallying. He has completed the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (a World Championship round, a 5 day mini Dakar) 4 times, with a top finish of 13th overall and best in class. He now returns every year as a member of the Sweep team, assisting stricken bikers and car drivers, attempting to prolong their adventure.

2-stroke, 4-stroke, road bike, dirt bike, big bike, small bike… they’re all in his garage!

Greaser wants everyone to share his experiences and show people just where they can go and what they can do… famed for his expression “Just follow me… it’s easy!”.


Properly equipped with a pair of rally spec KTM 690s and Enduristan luggage, Ian has been preparing himself by stripping down his bike while Toby’s been hopping around the office singing “On the Road Again”… let’s hope Covid doesn’t delay this one any longer!

Follow their trip on social media from 25th July…

IN the meantime, if you have 2:09 minutes to spare...

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