Breaking News! KTM 890s are coming to South America!

As you can imagine, covid was not kind to us in the tourism industry. The Patagonian tourism industry took an especially hard hit, with many hotels boarding up their doors & bike rental companies selling off their entire fleets. From our point of view, once you add inflated prices and motorcycle dealer supply issues into the mix, it all starts getting pretty complicated! With our Patagonia season fast approaching and our being determined not to disappoint the many guests who are booked on, it’s been all hands on deck as we adapt our plan of attack for ‘The World’s End‘…

Enter the KTM 890 Adventures! We’ve been huge fans of this bike ever since they were released and we’re incredibly excited to announce that we have now invested in 14 brand new bikes in South America. Colombia to be precise (yes, Chile would seem like the more logical choice – but we decided against that option for numerous reasons… so Colombia it is).

KTM 890 Adventures in South America...

KTM 890 Adventure South America

Whilst 10 of the standard 890 Adventures and 4 of the more rugged ‘R’ models are clearing customs in Cartagena, we’re busy building two large off-road trailers, kitting out two support vehicles, arranging all of the necessary paperwork and carefully planning the 7,000km journey down to Pucon, Chile – the starting point for our World’s End trips.

Why the KTM 890 Adventures?

Besides the fact that company owner, Toby, has been a diehard KTM fan from a young age, we truly believe this is the best adventure bike on the market right now. It’s lightweight low centre of gravity makes the bike incredibly manageable and nimble on the rougher terrain, the traction control is phenomenal, the power delivery is smooth yet responsive, the 21:18 wheel combination is perfect for our kinds of trips and the suspension is as you’d expect from KTM – spot on.

We’re also extremely confident that the KTM 890 Adventure will damage far less easily than the BMW GS range that we’d previously been planning to use on our motorcycle tours in Patagonia. The low down fuel tanks are incredibly tough and, contrary to initial impressions, actually serve to protect the motorcycle. The KTM’s laced steel rims are also much stronger and less susceptible to damage than BMW’s choice of alloy wheel with spokes sitting on the outer edge of the rim.

In short, we’re immensely excited to start using these bikes on our trips! South America first… Other continents likely to follow.

Our January and February trips in Patagonia are sold out, but at the time of writing we do have 6 places remaining on our March trip, so you can still join us to ride these new bikes to the end of the World this coming season! Click here to view and book ‘The World’s End’

KTM 890 Adventure in Patagonia

How will we get the bikes back up to Colombia?

At the end of the Patagonia season, we need to get the bikes back to Colombia, but it’d be a waste to simply drive them back on a trailer without taking the opportunity to recce some new routes in between. Would you like to join us? Read the next post to find out more about our plans to recce Peru & Bolivia…

Loading adventure motorcycles onto a trailer

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