LS2 Nimble Road trousers – Dual season protection

When you spend a lot of time on a motorcycle, having the right kit matters. And that’s why were pleased to have the latest addition to the wardrobe in the form of the LS2 Nimble Road Trousers, part of the all-new clothing range released in late 2018. 

LS2 Nimble road trousers

Despite the odd name – the brochure actually uses the awkwardly translated ‘Nimble Man Pants’, these trousers are not necessarily designed just for particularly agile men folk. But they are dedicated riding trousers designed for road riding. And as such they are pretty damn good!


THe LS2 trousers are packed with nice features and design touches. There are stretch panels at the knees, back and crotch to allow movement on the bike, and the front of the knees have an abrasion resistant patch. For protection there are CE rated pads on the hips and knees, with three separate positions for the knee pads. There are reflective graphics on both legs, and venting zips on the thighs to increase air flow on warm days. The seat of the LS2 Nimble Road Trousers have an anti-slip patch.

There are zip and velcro closures on the lower legs, zipped zips on the front pockets and a zip fly, with an adjustable waistband.

HOT, COLD or wet

The LS Nimble road trousers have an outer shell of ripstop polyester and under this there isa removable waterproof membrane to keep out the water. And if it’s cold there is also a cotton quilted lining that again can be removed if it’s a tad warmer and is fully washable.

That’s pretty much one day covered in the UK!

LS2 Nimble road trousers


We had originally thought that these trousers could double up as adventure trousers, but thanks to the sleek figure hugging design of the LS2 Nimble Road trousers, that wasn’t going to happen.  If you want to wear larger off-road or motocross boots you’d have to tuck the trousers into them, which really doesn’t work well when it rains. So while we could get our TCX Trail boots comfortably under the trousers. our newer Alpinestar Corazal boots were too wide at the top to allow the trouser legs to be satisfactorily closed around them.

But team them up with the LS2 Bond jacket and you’ll look proper dapper!



We like the LS2 Nimble Road Trousers  – they fit well and are look good on or off the bike , pretty much all the boxes ticked

It’s always hard to establish how a product will wear but we’re confident that these trousers will last well



The multiple features on the LS2 Nimble Road trousers add up to good comfort, protection and practicality on the bike

At around £159 the LS2 trousers represent good value within a market that can easily empty the wallet.


As a relative newcomer to the motorcycle clothing market, LS2 have applied all their design and skill from their helmet range and come up with a great collection for 2019. The LS2 Nimble Road Trousers are a welcome addition to the biking wardrobe, with good design and manufacture and a great price.


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