March 2017 Newsletter

Morning all and welcome to the March edition of our newsletter. In the UK, the weather has just started to improve slightly so at least the rain is warmer now, and the clocks have gone forward, so that evening rides are a possibility once more. OK it’s not Vietnam in the sunshine, but for those left in Blighty while Toby rides the world, we’ll take it!

Look – spring is just round the corner! 

So what has been happening in out world since our last epistle to our disciples? Let’s have a look.


After the stunning success of Toby’s edit of the Himalayan video, which has now reached over one and a half million people, it was clear that beautifully shot and edited footage of our tours was what you wanted to see. For those that may not have seen the film, here it is in all its glory…

But with Toby busy riding new routes and looking after our customers in Cambodia since Christmas, it was clear that we needed a video wizard to fill the gap. Enter Ian Wiggins, a man so swift and competent in the editing suite that within hours of joining the team had created a raft of great films to show potential customers just how good our tours are. Here’s one of his edits for you viewing pleasure and look out for more on the Facebook page. Good work Wiggy!

Meanwhile on the riding front, we’ve also recruited Pete the Paramedic. As a Brit living in Poland, Pete will bring Western levels on medical expertise to our tours, ensuring that our customers our properly covered from the moment they drop the clutch on day one of our tours. With a summer of riding ahead of him on everything from sweeping roads to tricky off-road trails, this isn’t your average shift for a paramedic so we’re delighted to have his expertise on board.


And talking of Facebook, we are glad to report that we are absolutely storming things on Mr Zuckerberg’s media outlet.  Compared to other tour companies, Ride Expeditions consistently posts more and has fantastic engagement each and every week.  The content we put up is clearly hitting the mark and helping us to spread the word on our tours, so thanks to all for your support – we couldn’t do it without you!

So what’s been the big hitter recently – this gem from the enduro world. Great skills and massive potential for failure!


While all the good work has been going on in the UK, Toby and the team have been busy in Asia. Since Christmas, the hard working Mr Jacobs has been in the saddle more frequently that he’s been in a chair, and has only managed to be back in the UK for about seven hours to collect new underwear and mow the lawn. From the joys of the Tough One, the team went on to run ‘The Whole Hog’ before finishing up on the infamous Temple Run.

Without even stopping for breath, Tobes then jetted east to catch up with the customers for our first ever Laos to Vietnam tour. To say it was a success would be as much an understatement as to say Laos was quite pretty. With stunning scenery throughout the trip, epic trails and accommodation that varied from rustic home-stays to boutique hotels but the Nam Ou river, we’re confident that this tour is going to become one of our best sellers to rival our Himalayan Heights tours. It’s as much as Anna can do to keep up with the bookings and handle to complex logistics to ensure all our customers have the best possible experience!

Read the full tour details here


So with all our tours flying out the door like hot cakes, we’re just sitting here twiddling our thumbs right? No, diddly no, no.

No sooner than the team had finished off the Laos Vietnam Tour, they jumped on the plane to start a recce ride on two brand new tours to add to our portfolio of epic adventures…

Although details are still to be confirmed, we will be launching a full tour in Northern Vietnam, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery of the area and the fantastic trails though this achingly beautiful countryside. If that were not enough, we will also be releasing details of the Ho Chi Min trail tour, following a route through Vietnam, Laos and eastern Cambodia. We can’t wait to get this one on our calendar – it’s going to be soooo good!


With the team all busy in their fields of expertise, our man Julian has had his nose to the grindstone too. The blogs in the last month have various from shootouts between the Husqvarna 350 and KTM , tips on the basics of off-road riding, a look at the Honda Africa Twin Rally and an in-depth look at how to survive water crossings, whether on a monster adventure bike or a tiny trailie. It’s all good stuff and Julian’s musings are being read across the world from California to Canberra, helping riders get the most from their off-road riding.


And finally for this month, we’ve been in the press again. Bike Rider New Zealand had a great article on our Himalayan trip, Dirt and Trail Magazine in South Africa ran an epic eight page pieces on out Cambodian tour in November. The coverage is great and it helps spread our message across the world, so that our tours have riders from all over the world. Perfect.

OK so that’s it for the moment. Julian is packing for a weekend with the TRF boys in the Peak District on the faithful KTM; Toby is buzzing his way round eastern Cambodia and Anna is coordinating all the logistics for the tours with the precision of a Swiss watch.

What a team and what a year ahead!


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