May Newsletter 2018

May Newsletter 2018

Good morning all and welcome to the May 2018 Newsletter. It’s been a busy time for the Ride Expeditions team with all the behind the scenes logistics for the forthcoming tours. OK so this might not be as exciting as blasting through the landscape, but it’s all the attention to detail that makes the difference! But the big news – well that has to be South Africa ….

So we better tell you all about it …


The big news for this month is that following the relocation of our offices to sunny Cape Town, we’re going to be running tours in the epic landscapes of South Africa. So now our customers will have even more choices of where to ride –  India Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos or the majesty of Africa.

To say we’re excited would be an understatement along the lines of saying Table Mountain is a little hill ….

From road tours to big bike trail tours, we’ll be riding in the stunning mountains in the world-famous Cederberg area and travelling through the best scenery in the Western Cape.  We’re confident that our Southern African tours are quickly going to become some of the most sought after in our portfolio.

Armed with a fantastic KTM 690 Enduro, A BMW F800 and the superb Honda Africa Twin the gang tackled everything from sweeping dirt roads to mountain passes, even following an long forgotten railway line that traces the Western coast for mile after glorious mile.  Oh, and three enormous T Bone steaks …

Watch for images and videos on FB and Instagram – we’ll be bringing the best scenery and views straight to your pocket!

But if you just can’t wait and want to find out how you can join us on our first Pioneer tours that will be substantially cheaper than when the tours join the main calendar – drop us an email to


With Toby and the team our researching, Devon. Anna and the Office team have been busy carrying out a total refresh of the Ride Expeditions website. There’s a raft more of Frequently Asked Questions specific to each tour to help you with all those queries from what to wear in the Himalayas to whether you can eat salad on a Royal Enfield.

We’ve also extended the information on the Ride Expeditions team, so you can find out about Phu’s shopping habits, Anna’s stray animal problem or even how Anu managed to buy his first bikes in Manali.

And we’ve included even more details on the tours to whet your appetite for the biggest adventures of your life.And we’ve included even more details on the tours to whet your appetite for the biggest adventures of your life.

Check out the site here.


On the blog front, Julian’s been busy again, reviewing the sublime fuel injected Husqvarna TE300 stroker, testing the Bejasus out of some adventure tyres on his Yamaha Tenere and freshening up the KTM EXC250 with some spanking new graphics and giving you a guide how to do it.

There’s a wealth of information on our blogs, from how to wash your bike to how to ride in a group, what to wear and how to cross water. Read it – you might just learn something you don’t know!


As regular readers will know, our Himalayan Heights tour is our most popular tour – we took over one hundred riders last year and this year is looking to be a record breaker again. Of you are still undecided – don’t leave it too late as places are going quicker than Marquez knocking off his rivals …

And if you’ve already done the Himalayan Heights tour or want to take it up a notch – how about the Himalayan Extreme adventure? This one’s for hard core riders – so don’t book up if you’ve only had your licence for a month …


OK so if you got the reference in the title, then we know how old you are – classic Blockheads right there. But the reason we’re quoting Ian Dury is more about why you should book with Ride Expeditions. From personal service to medical back up to the very best bikes in the most stunning locations, we’ve got it dialled. And don’t just ask us – check out our customers opinions right here.

OK so that’s all for the moment. Julian’s trying back home trying to wade through the knee deep grass  of his once perfect lawn, Toby is happily using every opportunity to blast about on the new KTM and Anna is trying to train Roscoe the Staffie to be a tad calmer ….



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