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Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of South East Asia –  and for good reason. There are so many fantastic things to see and do from the intricate palaces, to the incredibly moreish Thai curries. The beauty of the landscape, the bustling cities and vitality of the night markets will ensure you are never bored. Offering so much that is different from Western culture, Thailand is still able to be simultaneously welcoming and friendly; definitely a place worth exploring!

The Riding

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The luscious green jungle in North, the smooth sweeping tarmac roads and pristine white sandy beaches to the South – a motorcycle tour of Thailand packs in a serious variety of sights, experiences and riding! So many people visit Thailand – but the unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of them travel around on a bus – hopping on at point A, hopping off at point B and sleeping in between. Thailand has so much more to offer in between A and B, and a motorcycle adventure tour is the perfect way to experience it. The people here are incredible and it seems they only get friendlier as you reach the more rural villages. Connect all of these by riding beautiful roads and proper off-road trails… we love Thailand!

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Recent History

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Thailand does have a turbulent past, with ongoing disputes between military or civilian rule. Following the student riots in 1973 free elections were held, however the government were not well equipped and the military once again regained power. This system remained in place until in 1983 General Phem, who was in power gave up his military position for a civilian government.

There was a financial crisis in 1997 when the Baht fell sharply against the US $ which resulted in a high rate of unemployment and bankruptcy. The economy then picked up again in 1999.

Recently the news bulletins have focused on the dispute surrounding the Preah Vihear Temple. This ancient Hindu temple lies on the Cambodia/Thai border. An international court awarded the temple to Cambodia, however this caused much unrest resulting in protests by the locals.

Currently the army are once again in power and General Prayuth Chan-och is Prime Minister.


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With crystal blue seas and sandy beaches as well as thick jungles and rice paddies, there are few places in Asia with as much natural beauty as Thailand. The forests are teeming with wildlife such as snakes, parrots and elephants. Some of the waterfalls deep in the jungle are most definitely worth a visit. Thailand truly has something for everyone, and the remote exotic countryside with the wonderful sights and sounds of the local villages and the magnificent hill tribes are second to none.


Asia Tours - Thai green curry and naan.

Thai food needs no introduction. Tasty, hot and spicy is what it is famous for the world over. The main ingredients being meat, veg or fish are cooked with basic ingredients such as garlic, chilies, lemongrass, lime juice and coconut producing food that is simple yet tastes amazingly complex.

The food varies greatly from region to region, depending on tradition, resources and preferences. For example the North region prefers sticky rice compared to the usual steamed rice elsewhere. Dishes common throughout Thailand include papaya salad (som tam), sticky rice, vegetable, curries and soups.

No matter what you order, whether it’s from a restaurant or the street cart on the corner you will not be disappointed!


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Like many other Asian countries, Thai families are tight knit and follow a hierarchy with parents placed at the top. Children tend to respect their elders a great deal more than in the West.

Manners are extremely important among the locals – a by product of Buddhist beliefs. To lose face is also considered extremely embarrassing so you will not witness many altercations in public as they are avoided wherever possible.

In the more touristy areas the locals are well used to seeing to western faces, more so than the rural Cambodian neighbours – they will always be happy to stop for a chat rather than stop and stare. In the more rural areas where tourists are much fewer, the people take great interest in their visitors and are incredibly welcoming.

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