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Famous for it’s traumatic past, the turquoise waters of Halong Bay, tailor made suits and for being one of the places to go for a scenic motorcycle adventure, Vietnam is a unique and wonderful place. No longer for the hardened traveler Vietnam has become a wildly popular tourist destination over recent years – and for good reason. From quiet rural villages to bustling cities boasting beautiful French colonial architecture this fantastic country allows you to immerse yourself in it’s wonderful and unique atmosphere, providing you with an experience you’ll never forget.

The Riding

Vietnam Tours

So many mountains, luscious green jungles and winding mountain roads – a motorcycle adventure tour in Vietnam is an absolute must for every biker out there. The terrain offers riding opportunities so suit all skill levels – from the experienced dirt bike rider to the beginner road rider. We’ll ride to some incredibly remote villages, visit hill tribes, the spectacular mountains in Ha Long Bay and ride the old Ho Chi Minh trail. Vietnam is such an interesting country and there is no better way to explore its remote culture that on the seat of a motorcycle.

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Recent History

Vietnam War

Sadly when you think of Vietnamese history, you immediately think of the Vietnam War (or as the Vietnamese call the ‘American War‘). What started off as a war between the French colonials and Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Vietnamese, escalated into one of the longest and bloodiest wars of modern history. Beginning in the 1940’s, the war did not finish until 1975. The USA, afraid of a Communist Vietnam, entered the war in 1965 and remained involved until 1973. Approximately 4 million Vietnamese civilians died in 21 years of fighting.

A hugely unpopular war in America, President Nixon provoked massive anti-war protests when he bombed the neighbouring countries of Cambodia and Laos in 1970. In January of ’73 the Paris Peace Accord was signed which allowed a POW exchange and ceasefire, following the withdrawal of US troups.

On April 30 1975, the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese, who reunited the country under Communist rule as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, ending the Vietnam War.


Touring Vietnam

Famous for it’s beautiful scenery, Vietnam is a truly stunning country. If you are after golden beaches, lush green jungles or amazing mountain views then Vietnam is the place to be. There are plenty of national parks, tribal villages and bustling cities to visit. Home to the famous Ho Chi Minh trail, Vietnam is a bikers heaven, full of twisting mountain roads. Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, the breathtaking scenery will amaze each and every one of you.


Vietnamese food

Fans of fish sauce, there is rarely a dish which doesn’t incorporate a dash or two. The same goes for rice, like most countries in Asia. The Vietnamese love their mixtures of sweet and sour, fried and fresh food, veg and meat. Heavily influenced by China and France you will find an array of dishes on all restaurant menus, including some delicious stir fries and noodle based soups, as well as the French style ‘Pho’ soups and traditional baguettes for lunch.

Instead of fresh dairy you will come across a lot of condensed milk, which they put in their famous Vietnamese coffees. Seriously addictive but a great way to wake up in the mornings!


Motorcycle Adventures Vietnam

A warm and welcoming group of people (especially in the more rural areas and villages) the Vietnamese love to socialise, and will have large, casual dinner parties with both food and drink bringing people together. Beer (and local rice wine!) is an extremely popular drink of choice and Vietnam is one the cheapest countries in the World in which to buy it.

The Vietnamese are extremely family oriented, and it isn’t uncommon for 3 generations to all live under the same roof together. In Vietnam the hierarchical structure is more concerned with status than wealth – for example being well educated (or elderly) is considered of greater value than being simply rich. Serving food to their elders first before the rest of the family is just one way in which respect is shown.

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