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Motorcycle Adventure Packing List

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Motorcycle Adventure Packing: you’ve planned your trip – now you’ve just got to figure out what to bring with! “Will I need this, will I regret not bringing this, how will all my stuff fit in this one bag…”, where to begin? Obviously on Ride Expeditions tours we will be bringing all the necessary tools so you won’t need to worry about that (unless you really want to bring a few basics of your own). We will also have the support truck for your luggage bags so the only thing you’ll need on your back are the essentials. We have compiled a list of items you will need, might want and some motorcycle adventure packing tips to help you. Enjoy packing!!

Go Pro Camera - perfect for adventure motorcycle tours

Travel light: No one wants to be under prepared but you don’t want to be lugging around a great big suitcase either. We will carry your main suitcase in the support truck but please keep your luggage to a reasonable size. If 10 riders have packed everything but the kitchen sink then it will be a game of Tetris every morning trying to fit all the bags in. There will be opportunities to get your laundry done along the way (roughly every 3 days) so you don’t need to pack clean clothes for every single day.

Test your backpack: As you will be wearing your backpack for the majority of the tour you will want one that’s not too heavy… not only will you have some personal belongings but about 3kg of water on your back as well.

Boring things: Don’t forget to notify your bank that you will be travelling abroad so they don’t block your card. A load of extra hassle that can easily be avoided.  Also print off a copy of your insurance documents to keep on your person whilst riding.

Packing Essentials

Camelbak water reservoir
  • Backpack with hydration pack (CamelBak or similar, ideally 3ltrs. Anything less than this and you might start getting dehydrated on the trail). There are always places to stop and refill or buy water bottles along the way. If you don’t already own one you can buy one here.
  • Riding gear We can provide all riding gear (apart from riding pants) so bringing your own isn’t necessarily essential. Obviously however you will want comfy gear that you know fits perfectly so its usually best to bring your own along. If you are joining us for a ride whilst traveling and don’t want to lug yours around we will of course provide a helmet for you (please ensure you let us know your requirements in advance). Good fitting helmet, Jersey, Goggles, Gloves, Boots.
  • Riding pants are not provided by Ride Expeditions so a pair of these will need to be packed, unless you fancy riding in boxer shorts which we do not recommend.
  • Protective Gear essential only if you find them so…if you feel more confident with gear on then bring it along. Some people bring protective gear and never wear it as it’s too hot – it can always go in the support truck though if you change your mind. Knee pads / brace, Elbow pads, Roost deflector.
Insect repellent for adventure motorcycle tours
  • Change of clothes – Anything comfy that you can wear in the evenings to dinner or when sightseeing on rest days: Flip Flops / pumpsTrousers / shorts, T-shirts, Underwear & SocksWhatever you’re comfiest riding in, about 4 pairs should do it.
  • Wash bag – Well you will get very sweaty riding…
  • Mosquito repellent (at least 50% DEET) – You may well be on anti-malarials but it’s better not to get bitten if you can help it and it will stop the annoying itch so bring along a 50% DEET mosquito repellent for the evenings.

Not Essential – but Definitely Handy!

Face mask for those dusty off road motorcycle tours
  • Buff dust mask or similar We love the Buff brand but anything that keeps the dust off of your face will do really.
  • Small First Aid Kit– Useful to put in your backpack just in  case. We do have a fully qualified medic on the tour as well but having your own 1st aid kit with plaster, antiseptic cream etc might come in useful.
  • Sun Cream – Useful to have on the rest day and for those pesky ‘wrist to elbow’ sun burn you get whilst riding with your sleeves rolled up. Not a good look.
  • Electronics – Camera, Mobile, Go Pro or similar. Don’t forget chargers for all these items as well as adapters – If you are arriving a few days early I would suggest buying them locally as they are roughly .50c in Cambodia – always cheaper than at home! The plugs in Cambodia are the 2-pronged type – flat or round prongs.
  • Rain cover for backpack – it depends on which time of year you join us for a ride but there can sometimes be a chance of rain catching us out, or more likely your bag could get sprayed during one of the many river crossings. If you have valuables with you in your backpack then a rain cover is a good idea.



Paperwork etc..

  • Visa –  If you have ordered an e-visa then don’t forget to bring a copy of it with you. If you have sent off for one to your local Cambodian Embassy then it should be attached to your passport already. If you are getting a visa upon arrival at the airport, be sure to have 2 passport photos with you. You can apply for Cambodian your e-visa online by following this link: Cambodian e-visa
  • Copy of insurance
  • Foreign currency (US $)
  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass

That should be everything. I hope the above helps – if you have any queries at all then just fire over an email to or visit the Ride Expeditions FAQs page

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