Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Tour

A ride to Everest Basecamp – Nepal – Tibet… the planning stages!

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Sitting on top of the world in the Himalayas, looking out across the mountain range I thought to myself “We need more of this!”. Our Himalayan Heights tour of Northern India is simply awe-inspiring. This corner of the world is truly epic… and vast! By vast, I mean there are tens of thousands of kilometres still to be ridden. So, after camping next to the highest salt lake in the world & riding over KhardungLa – a pass that is reputed to be the highest motorable pass in the world – how could we ever create another tour in the Himalayas that would be as good as that? Well – it just so happens that I have discovered a recently opened road which would allow us to ride our motorcycles to the Mt Everest Basecamp from the Tibet side of the border. Sounds pretty cool, right? I think so. As for Nepal and Tibet – well, these two countries and their cultures possess a beauty that simply has to be included in the Ride Expeditions tour catalogue.

A new Ride to Everest Basecamp?

Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Tour

In just over a weeks time a couple of the Ride Expeditions team, myself included, will be boarding a plane to Nepal. This is where the real prep begins. We’ll rent some form of motorised two wheel machines and ride a number of pre-planned routes – recording the best ones and binning the boring ones (is it even possible to discover a boring route in the Himalayas?). Then it’s over to the Tibetan side to do the same thing again and then attempt riding that new road up to Mt Everest Basecamp.

What bikes will we be using for the new adventure I hear you ask? Well that is yet to be decided…road conditions vary incredibly up here in the Himalayas. We may want to bring our new fleet of Royal Enfield’s over from India but if the conditions are too rough, we’ll hunt down some dirt bikes… possibly even transporting out own from over in Cambodia if legalities allow!

Exciting times ahead! Please let us know your comments below and see how things progress!

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  1. Hi – OK so now it’s June 2017… did this work out..? Do you have such a tour now being planned..?

    Sounds Awsome…. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Glenn,

      Well it’s not exactly how we planned, but yes, we are off on a scouting mission to Nepal this coming October!
      More info in this blog article: https://rideexpeditions.com/become-a-ride-expeditions-pioneer-join-the-team-for-an-epic-adventure/
      And this newsletter: https://rideexpeditions.com/march-2017-newsletter/

      The dates are due to be added to the sites calendar next week – this will include a much more detailed page including itinerary, price etc. If you require any further info in the meantime please just drop an email to the office: anna@rideexpeditions.com


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