Cambodia has a huge variety of riding terrain, from winding mountain roads to steep rocky hill climbs… This combined with the immensely interesting sights, people & beautiful landscapes make Cambodia the perfect touring location for any motorbike enthusiast.

We have Cambodia motorbike tours to suit riders of all skill levels and most routes have easy or harder options. We will often split the dirt bike groups into a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ group and these groups may even ride on a different trail depending on their experience.

Below are a handful of our favourite itineraries to give you an idea of what this amazing country has to offer.


7 days total

Range of dirt bike difficulty options: NOVICEADVANCED

Riding in aid of M’Lop Tapang, a Sihanoukville based charity, we’ll cross over the mighty Cardamom Mountain range from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville. Fun & adventure is the aim of the game and this tour is set to be just that!

A rewarding & exciting adventure that directly helps the lives of those less fortunate.

Charity Motorbike Tour


7 days total

Range of dirt bike difficulty options: NOVICEEXPERT

An immensely fun, scenic and cultural motorbike tour that gives the option to tackle a variety of rocky terrain, mud and winding mountain roads. You’ll stay in sleepy mountain towns, rural homestays and beachfront bungalows. You’ll have the chance to visit the ancient temples of Angkor, swim in rivers and lakes and drink with the locals. You’ll never have such a variety of experiences in one week!

Cambodia Motorbike Tour


10 days total

Range of dirt bike difficulty options: INTERMEDIATEEXPERT

Departing from Siem Reap, we’ll head south towards the Cardamom Mountains – a dirt bike enthusiasts playground! We’ll encounter steep rocky hill climbs, thick jungle, deep river crossings and some long stretches of sand. This is an exhausting, but very rewarding adventure!


Cambodia dirt bikes


10 days total

Range of dirt bike difficulty options: NOVICEADVANCED

A loop around the Northeast of Cambodia through some of the most remote parts of the country. We’ll ride alongside the Mekong river, swim in volcanic lakes, visit hill tribes and ride up to ancient temples. You’ll also have the option to visit an elephant sanctuary, zipline over waterfalls and spot the rare Irrawadee dolpin on the Mekong river.

Asia Motorbike Tours


14 days total

Range of dirt bike difficulty options: NOVICEADVANCED

If you want to see as much of Cambodia as possible and enjoy a variety of cultural experiences along the way then this could be the tour for you. Circling the entire country we’ll have the options to ride in thick jungle, cross rivers, camp on the Mekong river, stay with local families and ride up to ancient temples.

This ride really is The Whole Hog!

Touring Cambodia

Haven't found anything that suits you?

Get in touch with us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll be happy to advise on a tour & location that is most suitable – or we can even create an itinerary that is tailored to the specific requests of you and your friends!

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