Much like Arnie in the Terminator, we’re back! So far 2022 has been a strange old year for Ride Expeditions… running some tours (yay!), cancelling others (boo)  raking in new bookings and dealing with complicated, ever changing travel restrictions. But with 2022 seeing our operations finally return, we’ve needed to rapidly grow our team (during the pandemic that shall not be named, our office was a grand total of 2 staff members). I’m now incredibly pleased to report that, thanks to our pre-existing team returning to work for us and all the new recruits, Ride Expeditions is now back in full swing! Anna and I could not be happier with our team, from on-tour mechanics to office based operations, we’ve got some incredible people in the RE family and we count ourselves very lucky.

Below is a gallery of the 2022 new recruits. Click here to view the About Us page to see more of the friendly faces on the RE team across the World…

A hearty welcome to this wonderful bunch…


From left to right… Myra – the numbers lady, NK – all the techy stuff no one else understands, Megan – keeping the operations ship sailing straight, Monique – keeping a beady eye on everything. Mike – risk assessments, quality control and part time tour leader.


Ian – Brit, Nico – Italian, Joe – Brit, Luke – Brit, Dave – Irish, Rob – Brummy. These guys joined us in India first for a couple of weeks of intensive medical training in the Himalayas back in July, followed by on tour training on the Royal Enfields. We’re proud to report that they all passed with flying colours and have since gone on to lead our expeditions, with outstanding feedback being received across the board.


Rodrigo – Patagonia support vehicle driver, Eddy – Southern Africa support vehicle driver, Nitraj – India mechanic, Alejandro – Colombia support vehicle driver, Andres – Colombia mechanic.

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