New Year – New Adventure! Ride Expeditions Tours for Early 2024

New Year – New Adventure! Ride Expeditions Tours for Early 2024

Scarily enough, the year seems to have whizzed by and 2024 is just a couple of brief months away! As we head towards Christmas it’s all too easy to get mired in the chaos and wrapping paper. But rather than just park up the bike and forget about riding over the festive season –  how about planning something truly epic for the New Year?

Ride Expeditions run incredible motorcycle adventures throughout the year, and for the first quarter of 2024 we’ve got some amazing trips in the calendar. From stunning dirt bike rides through the jungles of Southeast Asia, to astounding journeys to the end of the world in South America, we’re here to provide the very best riding in the very best locations.

Whether you book up with a group of mates on the adventure you’ve always promised yourselves or take the plunge on your own and join a tour, making lifelong friends on the way – it’s all fine with us. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a truly incredible experience – and hopefully return to ride with us again and again!

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the Christmas present that you will remember forever!

Choices, Choices

OK so first off you need to decide what type of tour you are after – dirt bike or adventure? We’ve got a great selection of both types of riding for riders with the right experience – do you want the thrill of blasting a Yamaha WR250F through the epic jungle trails and dirt tracks in Cambodia, or the unbridled joy of taking a KTM 890 Adventure R all the way from the North of Chile to Ushuaia – and the end of the world? Maybe a fast and fun tour of the sweet tarmac and sweeping trails of South Africa takes your fancy with a fun-packed adventure with incredible scenery. 

First off – let’s look at the dirt bike tours in the first part of 2024.


Riding dirtbikes in Cambodia is how Ride Expeditions first started way back in 2012, and it’s still one of our all out favourite tours. Epic riding, wonderful scenery and the friendliest people you could hope to meet – what’s not to like?

Motorbike Adventure with Ride Expeditions

Tomb Rider

Our Tomb Rider adventure is every bit as exciting as the Lara Croft game it’s named after, although we probably suggest wearing something more protective than a green vest and skimpy shorts! Travelling from the wonderful madness of Phnom Penh all the way to Siem Reap over ten incredible days, we’ll travel through the very best of Cambodia’s epic landscapes, from dense jungle trails to wide dirt roads, scary rope bridges to deep water crossing. On the way we’ll ride in the cloud forests of Kirirom National Park and stay in unique and beautifully unspoiled villages.  And your bike for the trip – the truly excellent Yamaha WR250F, a motorcycle that feels made for this tour!

Cambodia Motorcycle Adventure

This is an epic dirt bike adventure from start to finish.

We’ve got two dates available – all you need to do is check your diary and book! 

Tomb Rider 

January 6th 2024 – 10 day tour

February 22nd 2024 – 10 day tour


There’s a very good reason that so many adventurers and travellers head for Vietnam – it’s just a truly gorgeous place. Amazing scenery and wonderful people are just two of the things to love in this beautiful country, a place that has emerged from a long and chequered history to become an incredible destination for everyone from backpackers to beach lovers. But for us – it’s the trails that seal the deal – riding in Vietnam rocks!

Tribal Trails

So if you really want to see the most remote and untouched parts of this beautiful country. Our Tribal Trails tour is the perfect choice. Starting and finishing in the bustling and vibrant city of Hanoi, we’ll head up into the stunning and rugged highlands of the northwest of Vietnam. Riding tight and twisty single trail on Honda’s lively CRF300Ls, we’ll stay in tiny villages with the people of the hill tribes and experience their amazing culture. We’ll travel through amazing rice terraces, dive into deep jungles and ride high mountain ridges where you can see for miles and miles.

For overnight we’ve got everything from luxury lodges to home stays with local families – this is a slice of Vietnam you’ll never forget.

We’re running just two of these tours in early 2024, so be quick to get involved. We’ve got a standard tour of nine days, but if you want to get totally immersed with our 16-day experience – now that is something else!

Tribal Trails

January 6, 2024 – January 14, 2024  – 9 day tour

Tribal Trail – Extended 

January 23, 2024 – February 7, 2024 – 16 day tour


If you are looking for an incredibly special place to go dirt biking, then you can’t get much better than Colombia. Tropical jungles, gorgeous mountain ranges, snow dusted volcanoes and mile after mile of sweeping and glorious trails -it’s dirt bike heaven. The landscapes of this often-maligned country are simply astounding, with the terrain and climate varying enormously between the regions we travel through. If you like your dirt biking – you’ll love doing it in Colombia.

Colombia Motorcycle Adventure

Colombian Trailblazer

We wanted to put this tour together for about five years before we were able to get it just right – our Colombian Trailblazer adventure is simply epic. With stunning places to stay from pretty Spanish style haciendas to luxury hotels, trails that run between not one but two sections of the famous Andes mountains and some of the most awesome scenery you will ever find, we can’t stop enthusing over this one. Armed with a barn-storming KTM EXC 350F for the eleven day trip, we’ll experience the very best riding this country can offer, cross rivers on wooden boats, swim in volcanic hot springs and ride across the punishing terrain of the stone desert of ‘La Calendaria’.

Adventure Tour in Colombia

Riding in this amazing and vibrant country will make you smile all day long.

We’ve got two options on dates, choose one and get planning!

Colombian Trailblazer

January 29, 2024 – February 8, 2024  – 11 day tour

February 19, 2024 – February 29, 2024   – 11 day tour

South Africa

If dirt biking is not your thing, we’ve got some cracking adventure bike trips in the first part of 2024, and it doesn’t get more cracking than South Africa. Big landscapes, big skies and trails that you can ride for days without dipping the throttle – now that’s our sort of place. We love South Africa so much we’ve got a whole team based in the country, all dedicated to providing big adventures for our customers from all over the world. Want to Join them?

Sea to Safari

We’re starting big here with a fantastic romp from the crashing seas at the very base of South Africa, right up to the wildlife reserves and safari experience of Addo. From stunning coast roads, sweeping gravel trails and gloriously empty tarmac, our Sea to Safari tour sweeps all the way from Cape Town and north up towards the Cederberg Wilderness, before heading east toward the world-famous Garden Route and the joyful roads that tack the Southern Cape Coast. This is only an eight-day tour but we’ve crammed in just about every great road in the area to produce one of the best adventure tours you could hope for – and whether you pick a Honda CB500X, a Husqvarna Norden or a mighty BMW R1250GS, the combination of terrific tarmac and glorious gravel will not disappoint.

Amazing riding with an incredible wildlife safari to finish the tour – now that’s what we call an adventure. 

We’ve got just the one early date in 2024 – check your schedule people!

Sea to Safari 

March 11, 2024 – March 18, 2024  – 8 day tour.

Garden Route

If you are compiling a list of must-ride motorcycle routes, the world-famous Garden Route has to be on it. Superb coast roads, gorgeous inland roads through truly amazing scenery and mountain passes to die for. Add in the epic Chapmans Peak Drive – one of the planet’s finest riding roads, and this tour is a true jewel in our crown. 

In a fantastic circular route that will start in Cape Town, race all the way to Nature’s Valley through the spectacular scenery of the region’s rolling and picturesque wine regions, before tracking the rugged coast on the return leg. We’ll stay at the best hotels and lodges, enjoy the fine food and wines of the region and maybe even do a bit of whale watching. This is a great place to ride a bike, and whether you’re on a Honda CB500X, BMW R1250 GS or Husqvarna Norden won’t matter one bit – you’ll be too busy smiling.

If it’s the best road riding in Africa you are looking for – this is the one. 

And with the only date running in the first quarter of 2024, you need to get a wiggle on!

Garden Route

February 24, 2024 – March 2, 2024  – 8 day tour

Cape Crusader

The Cape Crusader was the very first tour we ran in South Africa, and it’s still one of our favourites (aren’t they all?). Fantastic dirt roads, gorgeous tarmac and both unexpected and wonderful scenery. From cave paintings to safari parks, whale watching to fine dining, there’s not a thing we’d change with this one – it’s too good. 

We’ll ride up into the Cederberg Wilderness, tackle a 50km trail to ‘The Hell’ in the jagged Swartberg mountains before heading for the Tankwa Karoo National Park – yep, that’s the one the Metzeller’s adventure tyres were named after! Thrown in incredible riding on dirt and blacktop, remote guest houses, luxury lodges with the best food and wine that the Springboks can offer, you’ll love this tour just as much as us.

The Cape Crusader – the original and possibly the best tour in South Africa. 

We return at the end of March – wanna join us?

Cape Crusader 

March 25, 2024 – April 5, 2024 – 12 day tour

Patagonia – Chile and Argentina in one

Maybe we’ve saved the best till last – or maybe you’ve already chosen your favourite, but our World’s End adventure has been a runaway hit from the very first time we ran this epic trip. South America is such a diverse and beautiful part of the world that riding motorcycles here was always on our bucket list and should be on yours!

Patagonia - The World's End
The World's End, Patagonia, Ride Expeditions.

The World’s End

So, the name of this tour tells you everything you need to know –you’ll ride your motorcycle to the end of the world at the very bottom of Argentina. You may have heard of Ushuaia, but on this trip, you’ll ride past there and on the start of Route 2 and the Fin Del Mundo at Bahia Lapataia. You literally cannot ride any further.

But before that there’s the small matter of riding all the way from the north of Chile and all the way down through this wonderful region. Aboard possibly the world’s best adventure bike – the KTM 890 Adventure R – you’ll take in some of the finest gravel and tarmac roads that you’ve ever dreamed of.  From blasting along endless trails on the pegs at 100 kmh to cruising the roads across the high plains as vast black condors circle effortlessly overhead, this is a very special trip. Massive glaciers, jagged mountain peaks, lakeside lodges, hot springs, the list goes on. We’ve got a fifteen-day tour that’ll take you to Punta Arenas, but we’d recommend you go the whole hog and take on the epic three-day trip right down to Ushuaia, and conquer the World’s End.

Straight up – you will love this tour. It’s adventure riding at its finest. 

And with three dates for either the short or longer tour, there’s plenty of choice.

World’s End

January 8, 2024 – January 25, 2024 – 15 or 18 day tour

February 5, 2024 – February 22, 2024 – 15 or 18 day tour 

March 4, 2024 – March 21, 2024 – 15 day tour

So that’s our list for the first quarter of 2024. From the hot and steamy jungles of Cambodia to the end of the world in Argentina – there’s a tour for you.

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