November 2023 Newsletter: New Bikes, Packages and… Tattoos?


We’d like to kick off the newsletter with a hearty THANK YOU to all the brave explorers who have joined our adventures since we last spoke. That’s everyone on the recently completed: Tribal Trails in Vietnam, Cape Town to Victoria Falls and the return Victoria Falls – Cape Town trips in Southern Africa. The feedback and reviews from our guests has been staggering – we just love reading that stuff! It’s why we do what we do.

NB: If you don’t see images above, you may need to click ‘allow images’ at the top of this email… It’s worth it 😉

And of course, none of this is possible without our fearless support crews that make it all happen. So hats off to Joe, Phu, Cuang, Tap, Yen, Henk, Danie and Jolly Greasby… You’re all legends and we love you.

So with the Thank You’s done, we must wish safe & adventurous journeys to those currently on tour in Vietnam and South Africa, and for those about to embark on our trips in Laos, Patagonia and South Africa over the next 4 weeks… We’re ready for you.


Your Adventure, Your Way:


Introducing a new concept that we have been working on and will continue to work on throughout 2024: PREMIUM and STANDARD motorcycle tours, with two additional categories to follow.

We’ve released a few STANDARD offerings which, as you might expect, are basically trimmed back versions of our PREMIUM offerings. Later, we’ll be releasing a third ADVENTURE option, which will essentially be self-guided, but still with the support of a backup vehicle and medic. Then, a fourth & final EXPLORER option will follow and these will be explorations into the largely unknown… More on this another day.

The idea behind these different packages is to make our trips more suitable for different budgets and/or travel styles. We’ve heard you – not everyone wants all the bells and whistles… It’s your adventure, and we want to do it your way.

Husqvarnas and Honda in Botswana

And while we’re on this subject, we’ll let you know that we’ve bought ourselves some Kawasaki KLR 650s in Patagonia (in addition to the KTM 890 Adventure Rs) and some Honda CB500Xs and Husqvarna Norden 901s in South Africa (in addition to the BMW R1250s)… Different bikes for different budgets and riding styles. Yep, we really do listen to your feedback 😉

It’s quite an undertaking, so these new packages won’t be rolled out for all destinations overnight, but the wheels are in motion and we’re damn excited about what’s coming! To start with, we have introduced a Standard version of our World’s End Patagonia trip…

Click here for a Patagonia Adventure!


“If you wanted it to be easy, you should’ve joined the marines”. Danie’s quote of the day in the office while we were watching the carnage unfold on tour in Vietnam! The team has their work cut out on our Tribal Trails tour as the rains fell on hard clay, creating icy slippery conditions! Keep an eye on our socials if you want to see what we’re seeing…


Office Shenanigans: The Great Rugby World Cup Bet – It’s Tattoo Time!

What originally started as a chilled out Friday braai (aka BBQ) at our Cape Town office, ended in a bet that had us all in stitches. Seeing as England were up against South Africa in the World Cup, bookkeeping Myra and company owner Toby took their friendly rivalry to new heights. The Rugby World Cup was the battleground, and the bet? Long story short, while Myra was gunning for a day off, Toby negotiated (poorly) and agreed to get his first tattoo… Of a Springbok.

England lost by one point in the last few minutes.

So now our English boss will forever be branded with the South African team logo. Brilliant! Though we fear he may ban Friday braais.


That’s it for now folks. Til next time, keep on riding.

And if you want to ride with us, hit us up over email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram phone, or send a carrier pigeon if that’s your thing – just don’t miss the chance to grab life by the handlebars!


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