Ah Autumn – seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness as 16th Century poet Keats put it. Well from our point of view you can forget all that and get out on the bikes. An Indian summer is firmly on the cards as the sun is still out on the trails and we are cramming in the riding whenever we can.

So what’s been happening in our world since last time? We better update you …


Well we did it – Toby and the Ride Expeditions team spent almost four months living in the foothills of the biggest mountain range on the planet, looking after two fantastic groups of riders as they took on some serious adventure riding in the stunning scenery of Northern India. The full report on the tour will be published as a full feature in UK’s Adventure Bike Rider magazine in the Christmas issue, but in the meantime, here’s some of Toby’s insanely good drone footage and editing skills to sum up just how epic the tours were.

Due to popular demand, we are again running two tours next year in August & September and are open for bookings from right now.  And if you are not sure, here’s the intro from the ABR article …

“Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself. I’m stood at the side of the highest road on earth, having ridden here on a bike that looks like it has been largely untouched since the 1950s. I’ve made this trip with a bunch of guys that two weeks ago I had never met and with whom I now feel a bond of shared achievement that’s hard to explain. We’ve travelled nearly 1500 km on some of the most beautiful, dangerous, stunning, difficult and truly epic roads that I could have imagined. We’ve fought our way up mountain roads in sub-zero conditions, ridden through remote villages, crossed vast glacial planes and raced through deep river valleys. We’ve shared our breakfast with wild horses, taken selfies with yaks and ridden camels across windswept sand dunes. This has been the most incredible two weeks I have ever experienced and for a moment I’m totally overwhelmed. This is what adventures are made of.”


With the first of our new tours to this beautiful part of the world coming up in the new year, the team are fine tuning the route for our first customers.  While Toby is already over in South Asia doing the donkey work, he’ll be joined by Julian, released from his computer for the second time this year. Our GB based enduro jockeyjoined the Himalayan tour to try to keep control of the Australians, but this time will be bashing the trails with Toby to check it’s all good to go come January .With the possibility he’s going to be on film, it’s new kit ahoy and he’s been concentrating on looking like Jonny Walker on the trails ….


Just as surf punk vocalist Jello Biaffra enthused in the 1978 hit, as soon as the team finish fine tuning in Vietnam, they are off to Cambodia for the first of the summer’s tours in this fascinating and diverse country. The Northeast Adventurer tour starts on November 1stfrom the capital Phnom Penh and takes a challenging route towards the east of Cambodia before looping round towards Siem Reap some nine days later. With a renewed fleet of KLX250s bristling with 300cc big bore kits ready to go, this is a tour like no other.

Just two short days after finishing, another tour sets off, with the infamous Cardamom Mountain Explorer tour leaving from Siem Reap. With a fantastic range of terrain from rocky climbs to river crossings  and with everything from ancient temples to golden beaches along the way, this tour delivers like an over-enthusiastic postman.


And on the home front. we’ve been getting our hands on all the bikes you are interested in. As the only mid range adventure bike on the market, the CCM GP450 is getting a lot of interest from the trail and adventure sector. But can it really cut the mustard? Our man Challis has been finding out as he took the bike to rural Devon to compete in a tricky little Long Distance Trial  – The Moor to Sea event. If the bike can cope with the nadgery lanes around Newton Abbot, then taking on the Atacama Desert should be a doddle …

OK so we’re all done for now. Toby and Anna are off to Rajasthan to continue planning Anna’s new horse safari business, and Julian is off to pack his bags for Asia, again.

Get out on the trails and get grubby chaps

The RIDE Team


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