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ZacSpeed is an Australian manufacturer of motorcycle backpacks. These things are awesome. Designed solely for biking, you can really tell Zac Speed backpacks have been been designed riders with adventure in mind.

The best feature of these packs is the interchangeable straps, which you can swap out with a flight vest, roost deflector or a POV harness to mount your GoPro on.

We’ve been using this Dakar backpack on our expeditions for years – which has built in back protection – opting for the Octane Tech Vest attachment to keep essential tools, spare parts and money close to our chest.

For day trail rides we use the Comp 3 hydration backpack, often attaching the Exotec chest protector if we’re riding with mates.


Zac Speed Comp 3
Zac Speed Chest Protection
Zac Speed Flight Vest
Zac Speed Internal Armour
Zac Speed Detachable Straps