You have to pay for quality equipment whichever sport you take part in. From golf to cycling, fishing to archery the top kit costs the big bucks. And Raptor footpegs fit right in there in the top levels of kit for off-road riding. The British manufacturing firm is from far up north in the industrial heartland of Burnley, Lancashire and continues an engineering tradition that stretches back to the Industrial Revolution.

It’s fitting that there’s that link to basic and heavy engineering as the Raptor pegs are simple and beautifully crafted metal at it’s most effective and functional. Laser cut from sheet titanium, the pegs are a perfect balance between quality, strength and lightweight that make them pretty unmatched in the market.  The motocross versions are good enough to be used by the Factory KTM team and AMA reigning Supercross and Motocross champion Ryan Dungey.

The Enduro models have an open loop design that shifts accumulated mud quickly but also provides monster grip from the wide platform, good enough for the glitterati of the enduro world. The teeth offer unparalleled grip on the toughest of going, from scary downhills to fast and flowing trails ridden at high speed.

So is there a downside to the Raptors? Well yes – sharp teeth on your footpegs contribute to increased wear on your boots like nothing else.  But for many it’s a sacrifice they are prepared to make for such quality and grip on pegs that are super-tough and well made.  And the second downside – they are the best part of £210 or around $300, but as we said, you have to pay for quality.

The enduro pegs weigh in at a feather-like 375g per set and have a platform width of 57mm, and a tooth depth of 4mm, vastly more than most OEM pegs. There are fitments for all makes from Japanese to Austrian and there’s a slightly more hard-core version for extreme riders.

Oh and did we mention that they look absolutely awesome?


OK so there can only be one score for these footpegs – a straight maximum five. Raptor pegs are bombproof, beautifully designed, cut and welded – they look like they cost the money they do and that’s no bad thing. Yes, you can buy cheap copies from the dodgy online companies, but they’ll never match up.


If you manage to wear out titanium pegs through trail riding, then you really ought to be racing for a top enduro team on a multi-million Euro contract. In normal riding the chance of wearing out such tough pegs is about as likely as sheep roller-skating. They come with a two-year warranty.


The Raptor Titanium footpegs are super-comfortable thanks to their wide design and astounding grip. Your feet will not come off these babies unless you intend them to come off, so you can concentrate on the riding rather than your pinkies. Simple and effective


OK so spending over two hundred quid on footpegs will have some riders reaching for the defibrillator. But those riders are still probably wearing Fox kit from the nineties and an original Bell Moto 3 lid. That said, we have to mark it down for the high ticket, even though we know it’s justified.


If you want the best footpegs on the market, chose the Raptors. If you prefer slipping off the cheap-as-chips items that the Japanese firms fit as standard – yes that’s you Mr H – crack on.

Visit the Raptor website for more info on their products. Or, if you’d like to find out about the motorcycle expeditions we offer around the world, visit our Ride Calendar to see what’s on and when.


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