Welsh 2 Day Enduro: Sidecar PHOTO FEST

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If you want to take on a genuinely tough challenge, then riding a sidecar in the Welsh 2 Day Enduro could be just the thing for you. For the rider, you have to muscle an enormous three-wheel machine around some of the toughest terrain in the world. For the passenger, it’s a chance to dance around on a platform surrounded by exhausts, batteries and radiators while trying to keep the whole damn thing from tipping over. Add in road sections where the machine is capable of close on 80 miles per hour and this is a sport for the brave – or clinically insane!

But you can’t buy one of these bikes from your local dealers. Every one is a masterpiece of function and design, with everything from hand-crafted frames to CNC milled suspension linkages. For the motors, big KTMs used to be the choice of champions, but now more modern engines like the Yamaha WRF450 are creeping into the picture.

Ride Expeditions took a wander round the Parc Ferme on the day before the Welsh 2 Day Enduro, to gawk at the machinery and be thankful we were riding a solo machine!



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