Wheel Workshop: Refreshing your dirt bike wheels

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One of the major points that lets down the look of an older bike is ugly and battered wheels. And it’s not just the outside that looks bad, chances are that the rims have started to corrode with years of sitting damp alongside mousses or tubes. Add in dodgy spokes and it’s time for a serious upgrade.

But rather than just go with off-the-shelf replacement, getting the stock wheels refurbished may be a cheaper option.  The knackered old wheels from our man Julian’s 2001 KTM EXC250 were sent off to Central Wheel Components in the UK, where they transformed the tired old hoops into things of great beauty once again. And because they retained the OEM hubs, it was a straight fit back into the bike.  A substantial saving of around a third over total replacement and an individual factory fresh look – plus you can use all the same spacers, bearings and dust seals – perfect.

Now if you are outside the UK, then sending them to downtown Birmingham might not prove economical, but the images show just how good an option a refurb can be over new.

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  1. Ok he’s a weird one for you
    Yamaha Xt600e 2003 blue alloy rims or black Sm pro rims black spokes, black or blue hubs front wheel standare 21″ 80/100 back wheel one size up to a 18″120/90

    1. Author

      Nice combination and with 18/21 combination you have the best options on the rubber.


    1. Author

      Thanks Alan. The cost is about a half to two thirds the cost or replacement wheels, but no hassle on fitting. If you are in the UK, give Central Wheel Components a call.

    1. Author

      Hi Cameron

      We couldn’t tell you – we just gave the wheels to Central Wheels and they came back popping like candy!


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