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Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Review

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The Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag is mounted to the bike rather than the rider, so helps with reducing the weight you carry. However as a bag between you legs it does have the potential to cause some discomfort in a crash compared to a flat seat/tank profile that most modern trailies have. The small size means it does not affect the balance of the bike and you soon get used to the bag being there


All Wolfman bags are as tough as a Honey Badger in a leather jacket. They have strong stitching, tough material and a good design that stands up to untold abuse on the trail and still looks good. Trail riding is hard on anything you attach to your bike and the Wolfman tank bag is up to the job.


At $99 or £70 the Enduro tank bag will not break the bank. For such a well-made bit of luggage, we reckon that’s bang on the money in any currency. Of course you could always hold a plastic bag in your teeth instead …


This bag looks good on or off the bike. It’s suitably tough on the trail, but doesn’t look too shabby if you take it into your hotel or guesthouse at the end of the day. Good enough for us.


If you are going trail riding, you are going to need somewhere to carry kit. From tools to tubes, cameras to phones it all needs packing away somewhere safe and sound. You can carry a good proportion in a backpack like the Kreiga backpack , but you don’t want too much weight on your back if you are spending hours in the saddle. The answer is bike-mounted luggage, and one of our personal favourites is the Wolfman Enduro Tank bag.

Wolfman are an American company that have been making tough and purposeful luggage for all bikes, on and off-road since 1992. We’ve been using Wolfman’s E-12 saddlebags, so it was time to add the tank bag for all those items we need frequent and easy access too, such as cameras, wallets and phones.

The bag secures to the tank with a four-point quick release system that clips into a harness that stays on the bike. The inside is padded, but we’ve added in a bit of extra foam to add a bit more protection to the SLR camera we often store in the bag. The Wolfman tank bag is ideal for this as you can stop and get the camera out quickly for those spontaneous shots.

There are a good selection of mesh pockets both outside and inside the bag for change, keys etc. which is handy. There’s a map pocket on the top surface if you are still in old-school mode, albeit a little small for a standard map, but for those more technologically minded, you can stick the GPS in there.

Motorcycle-tankbagThanks to clever design, you can use the same harness on the bike for either the smaller ‘Enduro Pocket’, or the larger ‘Expeditions Tank bag’ from the Wolfman range. At 9” by 5 ½ inches this bag is a good midsize pack – that equates to about six litres in total. The base of the pack has a soft, non-scratch fabric to reduce damage to your tank, although inevitably if mud gets in here it can still rub your plastic / paintwork.


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Out on the trail, the Enduro Tank bag doesn’t prove too obtrusive to your riding – you know it’s there but not in a bad way. It sits back from the filler cap so that you can refuel without having to remove the bag.  The harness is made of similarly tough fabric and will stand up to the worst of trails without budging if correctly fitted. Contents of the bag are best if the bag is full as it stops everything moving around, but be aware if you pack it out too much then the bag will widen, which makes it sit a little less comfortably in between your legs when standing up. Like the saddlebags, the outer has reflective strips on it, useful if you’ve lost it in your tent at night!

We really rate the Wolman bag – it’s well made practical and a great addition to our bikes on the trails. Winner



On quality alone, the Wolfman Enduro Tank bag would get 5 stars. But on the basis that having anything on your tank will inevitably get in the way, we have to come back to a four star rating. It’s still damn good

Visit the Wolfman website for more info on their luggage. Or, if you’d like to find out about the motorcycle expeditions we offer around the world, visit our Ride Calendar to see what’s on and when.


Check out our touring calendar to see what’s on and when. Join us for an epic motorcycle adventure you won’t forget…

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