Yamaha T7 Tenere

Yamaha Tease T7 Tenere in Australia

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Yamaha chose Queensland in Australia for the latest in the protracted pre-production teases of their  all-new T7 Tenere. The new Tenere has been shown across the world at shows and events in various stages of development, but as yet the final production model has yet to be launched.

But this week Yamaha Australia released these stunning images on their FB page of the bike being ridden by their off-road rider and rally raid hero Rodney Fagotter, prior to both of them appearing at the start of the 2018 Tenere Tragics Bay to Bush Run. It still might be technically a prototype, but it looks tantalising close to showroom ready.

The riders were evidently well chuffed to see the new bike, even if the chances of a test ride seemed remote. Despite the intense interest and anticipation of the new Tenere, the news of its outing or these images have not appeared on either Yamaha Australia or Yamaha Worldwide website. If Yamaha want to steal sales from their rivals, they better get this bike out as the adventure market boom cannot last forever …

All images from IKapture and Yamaha Australia,

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