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SW Motech Bags Connection Dry Bag 350 Review

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The SW Motech Bags Connection Dry Bag 350 is fit for purpose, keeping your kit dry and clean and doing it very well. Its variable size means you can pack light and have room for additions, or load it up from the start. The attachment points make it easy to secure to any bike.


The Dry bag 350 is made of hardwearing tarpaulin that will stand the worst of the planets weather. All the clasps, handles and bungee points are firmly attached and the top seals up well with the velcro and enforced seam. It’s as waterproof as a fish’s pocket.


At a shade over £50 or around 65 bucks, the Bags-Connection Dry Bag 350 is great value for something so well made. It’s good enough to use even if you are not on a bike, and works for canoes too!


This bag could never be described as beautiful. It’s well designed and made and that’s what matters. We chose the Anthracite grey and black option, which looks suitably rugged and doesn’t show the road muck. The fluoro version will certainly get you noticed if that’s what you’re looking for.


It’s so easy with a car. You just throw as many clothes and kit that you’ll need into any old bag, sling it on the back seat and you’re good to go. From a trip to the coast to a trans-continental adventure, you don’t really have to worry about your luggage. It’s just pack and go.

But for bikes it’s different. Packing for any length of trip takes all manner of skills, from weather prediction to precision folding to ensure you’ve got everything you’ll need in the smallest volume possible. And that’s before you even think about how to attach it to the bike and how you keep it dry and clean for the length of trip you are planning.

That’s where the SW Motech Bags Connection Dry Bag 350 comes in. Manufactured in a totally bulletproof and more importantly, waterproof welded tarpaulin; this bag is a complete must have for any type of motorcycle travel from tours on an adventure bike to adventures on a dirt bike. Our enduro man Julian has used the bag on both and having just returned from a 400 mile journey in torrential British summer rain, all the contents including his Mac Air book were as dry as a Pharaoh’s flip flop. Top stuff.



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The bag will take 35 lites of luggage or anything below that. It’s 55cm long but the height and width are hard to say as it’s so flexible. You just pack it all in, Velcro the top together, roll it down to expel the air and clip the top shut. To further secure the load, you can pull it tight with the top straps that clip into place with big chunky clasps.

To carry the bag there are two grab handles and a shoulder strap, but perhaps more importantly there are four attachment points to hook up bungees or ratchet straps – great for tying it down to saddlebags, such as the Wolfman E-12 saddlebags that Toby is a big fan of. You can put it long ways on a bigger bike or sideways on a dirt bike or whichever works for you – once strapped down this bag is going nowhere. You can even stack another on the top if you need to.

All the straps are well attached and there are reflective flashes on the bike for increased visibility. If you want to go to Day-Glo city, you can even go for the fluorescent yellow bag, which is technically visible from space.

Bags-Connection Dry Bag 350 or 600?

So how good is it? Julian’s used it on every road trip he’s ridden, from strapped onto his KTM EXC250 to a Honda Fireblade, Yamaha TDM 850 and Yamaha Super Tenere – one size fits all. He’s even loaned the bag to his daughter for an island hopping trip in Vietnam when it was waterproof enough to survive a swim to shore.

It will be accompanying us on the Himalayan tour in September and will get the chance to return to Vietnam in January. It’s a great bit of kit and does what it is meant to do, and if you need more space there is a 60l option too.


SW Motech Dry Bag

The SW Motech Dry bag is one serious bit of luggage for not much money – what more could you want? It keeps your boxers dry when the rest of your world is wet – worth every penny in our book! Just choose the size and colour and you are good to go.

Visit the Motohaus website for more info on this and their huge range of products. If you’ve got the adventure bug and want to find out about the motorcycle expeditions we offer around the world, visit our Ride Calendar to see what’s on and when.


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