Install Dirt bike graphics: An easy guide

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If you can’t afford the latest box-fresh metal in the showroom, fitting new dirt bike graphics is a quick and easy way to refresh your bike and give it an instant facelift  – and it’s only going to cost you for just a couple of hundred pounds rather than seven thousand … Here’s how to install dirt bike graphics: The easy way!

The faithful EXC250 was in line for a new season makeover, and while all it really needed was a top end rebuild and a new drive train, what it could really do with was a complete makeover. So with the new piston kit in place from ET James & Sons, new chain and sprockets fitted and a brand new Maxxis Trials hybrid from Classic Enduro on the rear end, it was time to hit the laptop and get shopping.

First off was a set of new plastics – we chose Acerbis as they make the OEM KTM parts, so the fit is always spot on. Online retaier Dirtbike Express in the UK came up with a complete kit including airbox and headlight cowl for £99. For the graphics we went to another UK company Danger UK as we’ve used them loads of times before and their graphics are well made and stay in place – pretty much all you need.

As we had an idea what we wanted, we sent sample images and they returned draft graphics for our approval. The theme was based on KTMs MXGP team graphics, but far enough away to avoid any copyright issues – KTM and Red Bull are very keen to protect their logos …

So with the parcels arrived and sat on the garage bench, it was time to get busy!

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